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Practicing these 3 yogasanas will strengthen your lungs, will help in protecting against coronavirus

By the way, every type of exercise is useful in protecting from corona because by exercising, sweat comes out of the body, due to...

Method, Benefits and Rules of Meditation

Human beings are so busy in their hectic life that they are unable to take out time for their health, as a result, you...

Surya Mudra Steps And Benefits

Surya mudra is a type of yoga, the practice of sun mudra is very beneficial for people suffering from problems like obesity, diabetes, thyroid...

Use Of Papaya For Weight Loss

In today's time, everyone wants to keep themselves slim and fit. At the same time, for this the right weight loss exercise and diet...

Chandrabhedi Pranayama

Chandrabhedi Pranayama proves to be very effective to get rid of eye problems. Those who are troubled by the blurring of eyes should practice...

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