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Method, Benefits and Rules of Meditation

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Human beings are so busy in their hectic life that they are unable to take out time for their health, as a result, you easily fall in the grip of many serious diseases, yoga and meditation is a great option to get rid of all these troubles. to concentrate. There are many ways to do this, for which neither you will have to make major changes in your routine nor do any special preparation. In this article, we will tell you about what meditation is, some of its easy types, uses and benefits. Along with this, through the article, you will also give information related to the correct rules and timings of doing it.

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How to do Meditation –

Meditation is considered very beneficial for our health, but in many people the question arises about meditation, how to do meditation. Let us tell you that there are some special rules involved in the way of meditation. It is very important to take care of them. By adopting these, you can start meditation.


Sitting Procedure- First of all you sit in Vajrasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana. In the sitting position, keep in mind that your spine remains straight, so that you can breathe properly. At the same time, if you are not able to sit in these asanas due to some reason, then you can use a chair.


Relaxation- First of all, take your whole body in a state of rest. Leave the whole body loose, so that all the muscles can be relaxed. Begin this process from the feet and bring it to your face. Make sure the whole body is in a relaxed state.


Breathing- After achieving the state of rest, pay attention to your breathing process. Inspire your body to breathe naturally. Take a deep breath slowly and then exhale it in the same way. To reap the benefits of meditation, repeat this action several times with all your heart.


Concentrate on any one point- In the third step, now try to focus your attention on any one point. For this you focus on your soul or inner being. For this you count from one to five. Repeat this process several times. At the same time, you can also try to focus on something or a thought that makes you feel happy.


Adopt a positive attitude-  If you are doing meditation for the first time, it is possible that your mind will go to other thoughts again and again, that is why try to create a state of balance in the mind and do not let the mind wander, If the cause goes astray, try to focus it again.


Avoidance of illusion traps- Sleepiness, itching, feeling of emotions, daydreaming (dreaming while awake), frequent coming and going of many types of thoughts, etc. are some such illusions, which work to break meditation. Therefore, it is important that you convince your mind that it is only the distracting factors that can come in the way of your meditation. Try to avoid them and concentrate the mind. After overcoming all these hurdles, one can achieve the climax of meditation, to reach where it needs regular practice.

After the process of meditation is completed, rub your palms and apply it on the eyes. After that, slowly come out of the state of meditation by opening your eyes and looking at your palms.

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Types of Meditation –

Talking about the types of meditation, there are many ways to do it, which are divided into several parts. We will try to tell you about some of these special ones.

1. Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation helps you see the world apart from attachment and illusion. With its continuous use, you are able to control your emotions. Due to this, new mental energy is infused in you for the fulfillment of thoughts and expectations.

2. Vipassana Meditation

This method of meditation is considered to be the oldest. It is said that this method of meditation was propagated and disseminated by Mahatma Buddha about 2500 years ago. This form of meditation is widely used today. With the help of this man tries to understand himself by looking inside his mind. With the help of this man is able to control his thoughts and feelings and expand his ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

3. Zen Meditation

This form of meditation was promoted and propagated by Chinese Buddhism. Let us tell you that this method of meditation comes under mindfulness meditation, in which special attention is given to concentrate the mind. In this posture of meditation, you have to sit in Sukhasana posture and join hands with each other. This state of meditation requires you to focus primarily on your daily activities. This type of meditation is believed to help you grow and prosper mentally.

4. Shiva Meditation

Shiva meditation is a type of spiritual meditation. In this, you try to focus your attention by taking spiritual energy as the focal point. This process takes you beyond the conscious mind and prompts you to look into your unconscious mind. This results in a change in the way we perceive and experience the world.

5. Raja Yoga Meditation

This type of meditation was first mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Whereas Swami Vivekananda propagated and propagated this type in the 19th century, this type of meditation helps you to remain calm and observe yourself, it creates a sense of seriousness in your personality. The special thing about this yoga is that no mantras are used in it. In this process of yoga, you can meditate with your eyes open.

6. Transcendental Meditation

In this type of meditation, a person tries to look within himself i.e. unconscious mind. A special mantra can also be used for this. It makes you feel your existence by taking you away from the material obstacles (sadness, happiness, joy and sorrow). Which helps you to understand that material things have no value in the world.

7. Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is one such type of meditation, which comes under Transcendental Meditation. Mantras are used in this to focus one’s attention. Keep in mind that the meaning of mantras here is not associated with any religious environment. Mantra here refers to a word, sentence, song or anything else that can make you feel happy or satisfied by speaking it.

8. Movement Meditation

This type of meditation comes under mindfulness meditation. Explain that in this type of meditation, any one task can be tried as a goal. It can also be called hatha yoga. This process of meditation helps you to focus your attention on a particular task till it is completed. The special thing about this type of meditation is that it can be done on the go.

9. Focus Meditation

This type of meditation comes under Vipassana meditation. In this, individuals try to concentrate on some idol, object or their conscience. By adopting this process regularly, the human brain develops. Along with this, the ability to do any work with focus is born.


Benefits of Meditation –

The benefits of meditation are many, some of which we will explain to you through some points.

  • Reduction in stress- Regular meditation reduces stress and experiences peace of mind.
  • Reduction in anxiety and depression- Success can be achieved in getting rid of anxiety and depression also with the use of meditation.
  • Blood pressure – Meditation provides peace to the mind, as well as works to regulate blood flow in the body and both of these reduce the risk related to blood pressure, so regular practice of meditation keeps blood pressure under control.
  • Heart health- Meditation has been shown to be helpful in reducing all risk factors related to heart health such as stress, anxiety and blood pressure.
  • Improve sleep: Mindfulness meditation is known to be beneficial for improving sleep. At the same time, research done in this regard has confirmed that its use can be considered beneficial in removing problems related to sleep.


Meditation Tips –

1. Right Time

Time has its own importance for meditation, which is why sunrise time is considered the best way to do meditation, because in the morning your body is stress free and full of new energy. If you are thinking of doing meditation, then the time between 6 am to 7 am can be considered better for elections.

2. Quiet Environment

It is very important for the mind to be calm for doing meditation, because if your attention is focused on other things, then you will not be able to concentrate the mind, therefore, it is very important to have a calm environment i.e. solitude, otherwise meditation You will feel difficulty in doing it, as well as comprehensive results will not be achieved, so it is important that before starting the meditation, you should make sure that the place you have chosen for it is free from noise.

3. Choosing Casual Clothing

If you choose tight clothes during meditation, they can serve as a distraction to your attention, so it is important to wear light and comfortable clothes during this time.

4. Warm Up

Do a light warm-up (15 to 20 minutes) before starting meditation, this will start the circulation of blood throughout the body, which proves helpful in the process of meditation, after that you can do any one of the many methods of meditation. You can carry out this process by selecting After knowing the rules of meditation, now we will tell you about its types.

5. Stomach emptying

According to experts, meditation should be done on an empty stomach, by this you will be able to use all the energy of your body to focus and it will help you to get better results.

6. Deep Breath

During meditation, you should take a deep breath and then release it slowly, as well as you should try to put your full attention in doing this process, doing this calms the mind and helps in focusing.


Some precautions for meditation –

  • If you want to do your meditation for a certain amount of time, put a clock in front of you that doesn’t make any sound, as a clock with sound or alarm can interfere with meditation.
  • Meditation should not be done after eating a large amount of food.
  • Meditation should be avoided immediately after exercise.
  • Meditation should not be done immediately after waking up from sleep or in the feeling of sleep.

What is meditation, now you must have come to know about it very well. Along with this, you must have got complete information about the benefits related to it. The types of meditation and all the special things related to them have also been explained to you in the article. At the same time, you have also been given information related to how to do it. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of including meditation in your daily routine, then read carefully all the things mentioned in the first article. Only then implement them. Hope this article will help you to overcome your health related problems and lead a healthy life. 

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