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Items Everyone Should Lock Away and Secure

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Whether you’re affluent, middle income, or just starting out – whether you’re a part of large family, a corporate executive, or a student eating Ramon noodles several times a week for dinner, you have valuable items you need to protect against fire, natural disaster (floods, tornadoes s, storms, hurricanes), and fire.

You can always maintain insurance coverage on these certain items – such is highly encouraged. Insurance usually pays you for the worth of the loss, provided you have appropriate coverage, but actually taking the extra vital step of also protecting the item within a physical defense product is always preferred, especially if it has sentimental and functional value. And, in reality, monetarily replacing items never really satisfies the loss. So, you’ll always be glad you took the extra step of safely securing these particular items.

Here are the items you should always keep safe and secure (perhaps in a safe deposit box, vault room, or in a bank vault) :

Jewelry: most people own some kind of precious jewelry. In many cases, a relative or special friend passed down the item. Jewelry includes precious gems, heirlooms, brooches, and watches. Thieves steal jewelry more than any other items, in as little as seven minutes. Sometimes, too, houseguests, and home employees (babysitters, pest control workers, cleaning personnel) also steal jewelry.
Cash: many individuals keep cash at home – some individuals keep large sums at home. Again, thieves are very familiar with hiding places, and houseguests and home employees also steal cash.
Firearms and Ammunition: Needless to say, it’s vitally important to keep firearms and ammunition away from children and untrained adults. Such often results in horrible consequences.
Lap Top Computers: a London research firm determined that a thief steals a laptop every 53 seconds. They are extremely attractive. The internet is likewise filled with stories about roommates and friends stealing from one another. This additionally applies to other electronics, including smartwatches, smartphones, and cameras.
Identification: documents that prove your identity (passport, driver’s license, voter ID), should always be kept secure and under fire, flood, and natural disaster damage. Such also keeps them in an easy-to-find place and always away from anyone who would steal your identity. This, too, includes any electronic media (CDs/DVDs/USBs that may contain such documents.
Financial/Legal/Personal Documents: though many scan and store financial/Legal/Personal documents (tax documents, mortgage documents, pay history, medical records) and save them online and/or on their computers, lawyers and accountants still recommend that you keep original documents for at least seven years. And, though such documents may not attract thieves, it’s good to protect them from fire, flood, and natural disaster damage. This also includes any electronic media (CDs/DVDs/USBs).
Collectibles: anything of valuable to you, be it stamps, comics, coins, baseball cards, or whatever, should always be secure. You’d never want anyone else to take any of it away from you, considering the sentimental value and the hard work you put into collecting it all, plus you want to make sure you protect your collection from natural disasters.
Medication: this is important for privacy reasons and if children frequent your home, particularly if you take or maintain any kind of controlled substance.

Lasting Safe

Lasting Safe provides security and physical defense products to over 40 nations and territories, including the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. It has over 1,000 international clients. It utilizes over 100 expert employees, over 100 processing equipment, and more than 10,000 square meters of production workshop – all to offer affordability, excellence, and fast delivery.

Lasting Safe’s expert safe deposit box manufacturers, vault door manufacturers, and modular vault manufacturers offer safe deposit lockers, modular vault rooms, bank vault doors, safe deposit lockers, and modular vault rooms for a range of needs and users. It additionally offers safe deposit boxes for sale. Its goods are Chinese and Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certified.

Contact Lasting Safe via email or phone or use its contact form.

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