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Digital Marketing Strategies to Attract More Customers In Dubai

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Dubai is a thriving market with Arabs and ex-pats shopping in large numbers. There’s always a chance for one more business to enter the market and build a customer base. 

However, without a proper marketing strategy, it’s challenging to impact the target audience. 

Many businesses like to hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai to develop a comprehensive strategy for promotions and attract customers. Here are some of the best tips provided by expert agencies to capture a customer base in Dubai. 


Build Mobile-Friendly Websites and Apps

Do you know that 95% of the users used mobile for shopping in 2020 in the UAE? 

While 78% of them used desktops and laptops, another 45% relied on tablets for online shopping. Imagine the sales you can generate if your business website and apps are mobile-friendly. 

Building a responsive website/ app is the first piece of advice every PR, and digital agency in Dubai gives. A responsive mobile app allows users to access your business from any mobile device and provides a seamless shopping experience. 

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Develop a Social Media Strategy 

Any leading digital marketing agency in Dubai insists on using social media to stay connected with the target audience and promote the brand. Facebook and Instagram offer eCommerce tools to sell the products directly through these platforms. 

Social media can bridge the gap between a business and the market, from posting ads to running events, contests, and sharing discount offers. The platforms offer in-built analytical tools to assess the results of your campaigns and make the necessary changes to attract the right segments of audiences. 


Photos and Videos for Promotions 

Every reputed PR and digital agency in Dubai vouch for eye-catchy photos and videos. Cisco has estimated that 82% of the internet traffic will be from videos by 2022. Visuals also allow users to retain more information and recall it. The trick here is to post unique, attractive and mesmerising photos/ videos on your website and social media platforms. Move on from static images used on marketplaces. Think different. 


Content Marketing is Always Beneficial 

Content marketing is an evergreen strategy that gives you various opportunities to increase the visibility and credibility of your business. Text, audio, visuals, infographics, etc., are different types of content used to attract customers. Content marketing is a long-term strategy that delivers steady results over time. 

Blogs, guest posts, podcasts, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, testimonials and many others come under content marketing. Sharing valuable content can enhance your brand authority in the niche. 


Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

No one delivers results like an experienced team of professionals. Hiring a reputed PR and digital agency in Dubai like Iris PR will give your business the much-required boost to attract more customers and earn profits. The agency will plan, implement and monitor the digital marketing strategies on your behalf. The agency will take care of promotions, ad campaigns, events, etc., to increase brand visibility and reach a broader range of audiences. 

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