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4 Types of Tonsils Surgery That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

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For those who do not know, tonsils are sponge-like lumps of tissues located at both sides of the inner throat. They perform the imperative function of preventing allergies in your throat.

But sometimes, tonsils tend to attract infection that causes discomfort, inflammation, difficulty in swallowing, and other issues. If not treated on time, then tonsils can further cause the trapping of food particles and mucus. Thus, better to fix an appointment with an expert ENT in Mount Elizabeth Novena to treat the condition. 

A specialist might provide you with oral medication treatment to fix the tonsils issue. If it turns into tonsils stones, then one of the best ways to treat the condition is undergoing under tonsillectomy surgery. Most importantly, you should be aware of different kinds of tonsils surgery conducted by an ENT specialist. 

1. Microdebrider Tonsillectomy

This particular surgery gets its name due to the main instrument used in the treatment is, “Microdebrider”. It is a rotational surgical tool that is handled by an ENT in Novena while carrying out the process of surgery. The medical expert controls the instrument using a foot pedal on the side and shaves the tonsil tissue inside your throat. The blades of the instrument are sharp enough to leave only the layer in the throat. Also, to make sure the patient does not feel discomfort, local anesthesia is used during the treatment.

The recovery period after this particular surgery for tonsillectomy is short, with an approximate duration of 7 days. Thus, a person can return back to his usual schedule after the surgical procedure. 

2. Ultrasonic or Harmonic Dissection

One of the preferred methods to treat tonsillectomy is an ultrasonic or harmonic dissection. As the name itself implies, ENT expert uses a high-frequency scalpel that produces high energy of 55,000 cycles per second. With this special scalpel, the medical professional cut the tonsil tissue after giving your local anesthesia. And, the expert makes sure the bleeding immediately stops during the process.

Patients need to make sure the fact that before undergoing this treatment, they need to check the expertise of an ENT specialist. Not all, throat specialist doctors have the experience of performing this surgery. 

3. Electrocautery Tonsil Removal

It is a heat production process to mitigate the infection in your tonsils and stop the bleeding as well. It is better known as cauterization, a medical practice which is recommendable for tonsillectomy treatment. Under this method, the entire tonsil tissue is cauterized without using any incision. Thus, it is one of the best and most common treatments to cure tonsil inflammation or infection. 

4. Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation

This particular method also does not require any incision process. A medical expert uses a saline layer on your tonsils and applies using radiofrequency waves. It helps to remove the tonsils or reduce the inflammation in the shortest possible time. 


Tonsillectomy is a painful condition for people that cause difficulty in food swallowing, inflammation, and more. Different types of surgeries are best recommended to cure the disease and get the much-needed relief. Make sure to know about several tonsillectomy surgical treatments and the recovery time before opting for an ideal one. Discuss first with an experienced and certified ENT specialist and check your tonsils condition, before opting for a particular choice of surgery. 

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James Evon 

James is a highly passionate and experienced content writer, having specialization in writing for ENT treatments. He writes informative and extensive lines of blogs on treatments, issues, and solutions. 

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