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Why Candy Crush Saga is So Successful and Popular

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For the last 8 years, there has been a very popular game called Candy Crush. You must be wondering where every high graphics game has their era of popularity, how candy crush is still popular? It’s because this simple game is designed in such a way that unlike other games it can be played by any age or generation, whether they are child or old. For passing time waiting for someone or in between work break, it is the best option to play as it takes very little time and it’s a one-person game. Also, it has amazing business strategies and it connects you to childhood colourful memories. After its popularity, many clone apps have been launched. Check out the top candy crush saga clone.

Here are the reasons for CCS’s popularity 

Simple format 

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle where you have to match three candies of the same colour. But unlike any other match-three puzzle game, it has something new in every round and target score to achieve. It has different objectives to clear a level.  Here users get more opportunities to complete a level. 

Sense of satisfaction

The gamers have designed the game in such a manner that users get stuck in certain levels. And can cross them after several attempts. Then the satisfaction you get is due to the secretion of neurochemical dopamine. With completing each level, this satisfaction increases and people tend to play a few more levels with it. 

Unpredictable moves 

Every Candy Crush player has faced a common problem of randomness and the unpredictable nature of moves in Candy Crush. You play every move and most of the time you lose. Whereas on the other hand, you win a level by merely playing very few moves. This gives frustration and partial satisfaction respectively. And this back to back losing, challenges gamers to keep trying to cross the level. And when they do it, it gives enjoyment to them again. 

Rewards and notifications 

The players of candy crush lose more than winning. When you keep losing the game pauses for a certain period and after some time you can restart it. Which doubles the excitement and boosts the urge of the players to play it more. It is not mere swiping the candies but it is extremely colourful which attracts users. You get more rewards when you are not playing for a much longer time. People get notifications of rewards and restart the game. 

Competing with friends 

You can play CCS online or offline. Online gaming connects you to many more options. Like, if your Candy Crush account is linked with Facebook, you can compete with your Facebook friends. Though it is not a multiple gamers’ game still there is an option to compare your performance publically. 

A huge number of downloads 

Even after years of the release of the Candy Crush Saga, it has the same popularity among people. Even after so many trendy and high graphics games in the market. It has more than 2.7 billion downloads and people have been loving it for years. In-play store and AppStore, candy crush has a top position. It is one of the most played and highest-grossing games of all time. Many countries like Russia, Germany, France, India have a huge number of CCS players. The game description is also very impressive with limited words and keywords. 

Advertisement and spending a good amount on promotion

Candy Crush Saga had never failed in promoting the game. It is a very good example of a successful gaming business strategy. All the promotional and advertising campaigns have fulfilled their objectives of what they want, i.e. connecting to more users. It also shows advertisements of other games or other applications in between finishing a level, which also leads to great success for CCS. 

CCS gaming community

Candy Crush Saga has a very big community globally. Also, it has a huge number of fans. You can share your winning stories with other fans and can invite more friends via using social media platforms. You can also tally and compare your progress with others. 

The significance of naming 

The name Candy Crush relates the users to something sweet. Kings admit the fact that sweet tooth words attract users more and increase their popularity. Psychologists say that gambling games are also often associated with sugar names to connect with good memories. This is indeed a powerful strategy to grab more attention from all generations. 

Designing of the game 

Firstly Candy Crush Saga is the most colourful game. The music, display, theme and saga are well designed so that every user gets attached to it very soon. They have played with human gaming psychology and used addictive nature. The complete design of the game is so well-synced that everybody recognised it and the sound after achievements are associated with happiness. And the infinite levels of it pushes many users to get to the end and keeps them engaged. All this attracts users of every age. 

Final Thought 

Despite being so simple this game is a very good lesson in marketing and designing a strategy for any gaming application. Huge revenue is generated yearly by this application and is still very successful and popular.

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