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Why are some of the best Montessori schools in Kuala Lumpur highly recommended?

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Not only in Malaysia, but also globally, Montessori is a highly preferred pre-schooling method. Basically, it prepares a child for holistic development, that includes cognition, mental, physical and social growth. A child goes through a well-planned structure and an environment that nourishes the unique capabilities and skills of a child. 


A Montessori school fosters a growth-centric environment, where a child gets the freedom to express, learn new things and make new friends. A child learns to work in groups and understands the importance of teamwork. As a parent, everyone intends to provide the best educational foundation to their child. Montessori schools make this happen with their focus on self-discipline, patience, respect, and other basic values which can be considered to be their first step towards success. This is where GIIS is making a difference where the prime emphasis is on the core subjects, rather than abstract learning. 

Benefits of studying at an acclaimed Montessori school

Children are taught through a playful and activity-engaging curriculum. Let’s get to know the factors that make a Montessori School Kuala Lumpur pave the right path for your child’s future success. 

  • Develops the desire to learn 

When a child leaves the home environment, he/ she needs the right motivation to be enthusiastic about learning. Montessori schools provide that. Here, kids are trained in motor skills, enhanced concentration, learn how to order, and other life skills. Basically, the school must have a structured plan to prepare a child for a wider sphere, other than family members. 

  • Helps to gain confidence

At a Montessori school, kids get to meet their peers, interact with new and unfamiliar faces. This helps them understand the importance of empathy and respect. Under the supervision of a trained teacher, a child gets to boost self-esteem. They learn the value of time and go through constant evaluation and feedback, which helps them to differentiate between varied approaches, like choosing between wrong and right.

  • Guide children to understand their talent and abilities 

Every child has a unique thinking pattern and Montessori schools foster this uniqueness to help them develop an independent spirit. They get to explore the world around them and develop an urge to discover and learn new things. The trainers help them to think critically. And, with this fast-changing world, a child needs to learn who to adapt. Teachers play role models to help them understand that none of the battles can be won with a fight, but a peaceful resolution is more important.

A Montessori school is like another home for a child, yet with constructive limitations. GIIS, Kualalumpur is one of the most proclaimed Montessori Schools with branches in 6 countries, across the continent, following a Cambridge programme, The Course structure is proactive in nature and also adds flexibility. Since 2002, the administrators have consistently aimed and succeeded in creating a strong foundation for their students. They have helped several students gain excellence in academic and ancillary skills which earned wide appreciation from guardians. 

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