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Who Needs an Acoustic and Soundproof Door?

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What are acoustic doors? An acoustic door prevents sound and vibration from passing through a room. It achieves this through heavy insulation and strong acoustic seals. The primary reason why many people in Singapore choose an acoustic door is noise reduction. Also called soundproof doors, acoustic doors prevent air leakage, keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Acoustic doors usually have a double-walled door leaf, made from steel sheeting. The doors contain interior insulation steel material and are supplied complete with frame and fitted with a double-layer acoustic seal. These doors are lab tested to a certain noise insulation rating and certified to ensure that the doors work. Due to their sound controlling properties as well as fire resistance features, a huge range of buildings can benefit from acoustic doors. Here are some examples of places and areas that can benefit from installing an acoustic door in Singapore.

1. Homes or Apartments
If your home or apartment is located in a busy location with heavy traffic all day long, try installing an acoustic door. It will minimise outdoor noise, helping you concentrate better, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and get undisturbed sleep at night. If you would like to host a party at your home, having an acoustic door installed in your home can help you unwind and enjoy your recreational moments in a carefree manner.

2. Recording Studios and Entertainment Venues
Places like nightclubs, recording studios, concert venues, etc. produce loud music, thumping bass, and shouting voices. You need to contain the music within your studio or nightclub and not let it spill out of the building. Loud music can result in complaints and legal problems. An acoustic door installed in such places can help you solve issues relating to noise isolation and containment. Also, you will find some acoustic door types that minimise the echo that is beneficial for music recording.

3. Production Facilities
In a large production environment where heavy machinery produce noise, offices inside such places can install acoustic doors. An acoustic door works perfectly to shield the offices, meeting rooms, and break rooms from noise by utilising the effective noise blocking qualities of soundproof doors.

4. Government and Military Offices
Acoustic doors are often used by government offices and military buildings in Singapore. When installed in meeting or conference rooms, they help to maintain confidentiality and ensure privacy. Commercial buildings located in a high-traffic area are also opting for acoustic door solutions as they want their workers to concentrate without any noise problems.

Other typical applications of acoustic doors in Singapore include hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, theatres, laboratories, data centres, plant rooms, and power stations. However, the utility of soundproof doors is not limited to these use cases; steel doors can be soundproofed according to your requirements.

Manufacturing plants, theatres, music rooms, government and military buildings, and nightclubs have are generally considered to be highly sensitive to noise. Acoustic doors should be used to reduce noise levels in these areas. However, if you need acoustic screening for your home or any specific place, soundproof doors can be customised according to your needs. Contact Tacam Steel in Singapore if you need high-quality acoustic doors for soundproofing applications. Tacam Steel is also a leading supplier of blast proof doors, fire-rated doors, and steel and metal doors.

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