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What things you should know about the Roller Shutter Doors?

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You are repairing your home and want to find the types of doors to install to suit your home space. In the process of researching, I am wondering about the benefits of roller shutter doors. Not sure whether to use it or not?   

Benefits of roller shutter doors bring to users

The benefits of roller shutter doors are many, but the most prominent ones are:

– Safety about security

The highlight that cannot be ignored is the safety level. If the other doors are stolen, they can pry open and enter at any time. Then the roller shutter door will be different, the security is extremely high.

When you want to open this door, you must have a password. The password is also extremely secure. Even the owner himself can’t remember this sequence of numbers if he doesn’t save it somewhere

– High aesthetics and helps save more space

If the previous types of doors were made from poor quality materials, it will take a while to discolor or rust. Then the roller shutter door will be different. Designed from high quality aluminum alloy, with high durability, good rust resistance….

– Diversified operation

  • Operate by remote control. Similar to the line of roller shutter doors, the seamless door is also equipped with an automatic motor. You will easily control the opening and closing of the door remotely.
  • Mechanical operation. That is, use your hands to open and close the door. Because this type of door has a very simple structure, you just need to use your hand to lift it up and pull it down gently thanks to the spring force.

– Equipped with extremely smart features

Manufacturers based on customer reviews have constantly researched to create quality products. All of them bring superior products to meet all the needs of customers

Smart features can be mentioned such as: easy control via phone, automatic light on. There are also obstacle sensors, fire alarms, sirens, security cameras….

– Fast opening speed

This type of instant door has the most obvious advantage that is the super-fast opening speed. Can reach 15-20cm/s. That is to reduce waiting time when in a hurry

– Long life

All types of roller shutter doors have an average lifespan of 15 years. Along with that, the paint is also durable up to 12 years. Guaranteed you will be satisfied when using.

Note to use roller shutter doors for safety

To ensure the safest use of roller shutters, you should note the following:

  • Should install more safety devices such as automatic door stop device when encountering obstacles, anti-theft alarm device, etc.
  • Do not leave the remote control lock near children, it is strictly forbidden for children to play with the remote control.
  • The wall button must be installed higher than the reach of children, placed in a position that is easy to see and easy to use.
  • Do not store in places with high humidity, avoid water.
  • The control lock must be checked regularly, as it can easily be damaged.
  • Do not repair the door yourself when the door has a problem, you should call a roller shutter door repairman to guide or call a repairman to fix it.

Above are the benefits of roller shutter doors that you can get from Gatemaan. If you have a need for construction and installation, contact us immediately for advice.

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