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What Should I Look For When Buying A Filtered Water Dispenser?

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My name is Charlotte, and I have been working as a nutrition coach for over 15 years. In addition, I have also been active as an independent product tester for quite some time now, which actually started as a hobby. I am thrilled that I was able to make this my work as well. The best thing about my job is that I can often combine these two well, giving my customers the best possible advice. That is why I regularly write articles about this passion for informing other people about the latest trends, developments and sharing my experiences in this way.

Knowing what you are looking for and doing research beforehand will help you make a wise choice and help you better understand the water dispensers and the kind that is accurate for your household. A filtered water dispenser cools or heats water, dispenses sparkling water, and makes it accessible to drink clean and purified water. 

Types of Filtered Water Dispenser

The most common factor you should consider when buying a water dispenser is the numerous types available. There are primarily two main types of water dispensers- bottle-less water dispensers and bottled water dispensers. The key difference is that the bottle-less dispenser provides the limitless dispense of water as it is directly connected to a pipeline. The bottle of a bottled water dispenser needs to be replaced regularly. 

However, they both are beneficial in their way. Most offices have bottled water dispensers and convenient. On the other hand, bottle-less water dispensers are also referred to as filtered water dispensers because they supply filtered water that is clean and purified, and most household owners prefer it.

Easy maintenance

The water dispenser is low maintenance appliance; however, though you still have to clean them regularly. Water dispensers which have a removable drip tray are more convenient and make the cleaning process much easier. 

Moreover, bottle-less water dispensers use filters, so maintenance is required regularly as the filters need to change. If a water dispenser has a poor quality filter, then it might be a problem as the water might not be clean. A tip to keep your filtered water dispenser running for the long term is to switch off the plug when there is so much water in it.

A large number of servings

The water dispenser is super convenient and comes in handy when you have gatherings. You would not have to rely on boiling the water for hot tea or coffee, from a hot water dispenser or cool water, from a water cooler dispenser and serve directly from the dispenser. It is also less time-consuming as you can press the nob and the water starts to run.

Hydrating and clean water

Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water regularly daily. A water dispenser will encourage you to drink water because of how clean and healthy and tastes better.

Design and aesthetic

The design of a water dispenser is unique, and the easy features make it accessible for everyone to use and attract people. A special kind of dispenser such as the countertop water dispenser is aesthetically pleasing and is designed to save up so much space for you in the kitchen and makes your kitchen stand out and look elegant with this appliance.


The filtered water dispenser is a necessary kitchen appliance with various health benefits and provides clean water for a better and healthier lifestyle. With accurate knowledge, you can make the right choice by choosing the best suitable dispenser for your household.

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