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What is Hyperpigmentation and How to Treat It

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Melanin is a pigment your body produces. It gives your hair, eyes, and skin its colour. Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanin overproduces and dark, irregular patches of skin appear. These patches typically occur on the cheeks, upper lip, and forehead. Common hyperpigmentation causes include:

• Sun Exposure: the sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays cause your body to produce more melanin. While this offers the tan many sun-seekers pursue, it also possessed the greatest risk for hyperpigmentation and sunspots.

• Pollution: airborne toxins cling to your skin and weaken it, which allows the sun and other causes to activate melanin overproduction.

• Inflammation: anything that distresses your skin inflames it and causes high amounts of melanin production. Distresses include insect bites, acne, and cuts. Even excessive scratching and rubbing can trigger melanin production. When the inflammation heals, dark spots can develop.

• Melasma: these dark patches commonly develop during pregnancy (mask of pregnancy), but occur in men and for other reasons. Experts believe it results from a combination of genetics, hormones, sun exposure and perhaps oral contraceptive use.

• Medical Circumstances: medical conditions such as biliary cholangitis, Lupus, hemochromatosis, and Addison’s Disease can cause hyperpigmentation. As well, some chemotherapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, psychotropic, and antibiotic medications can trigger melanin overproduction.

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

There are two effective ways to treat hyperpigmentation:

• Chemical Peels: chemical peels use specific substances to seep into skin and reduce and eventually eliminate the damaged, hyperpigmented layers. Treatment leaves skin looking, healthy, fresh, and even toned.

Peels can also stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines, and fight acne. A light peel, especially before a special event, leaves skin radiant.

• Laser Therapy: laser therapy is the most effective way to decrease hyperpigmentation. The lasers actually permeates skin and targets specific areas to obliterate melanin and readjust pigmentation.

Treatments can also treat fine lines and include chemical peels.

Evolve Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Evolve Cosmetic Skin Clinic (“Evolve”) is a popular and well-known skin care clinic. Its founder, Christelle, has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic and skin industry. It offers reasonably priced, expert products and services in a bespoke, personalised manner. It offers chemical peels and laser therapy treatments that effectively treat hyperpigmentation.

Evolve, a beauty salon near Joondalup, additionally offers chemical peels and reduction pigmentation services in Perth, as well as ipl hair removal near Joondalup, pampering facials, and a range of other high quality treatments. You won’t find a better skin treatment clinic near me or you.

Simply access Evolve’s Treatment Page to find out which is best for you.


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