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Top 10 Places to get Delicious Paranthas in Canada

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Usually, paranthas are served with pickle, curd, chutneys, and salad. It is a hearty meal that’s often prepared in Indian homes for breakfast. But where do you find it in Canada? Indian vegetarian restaurants in Canada serve lip-smacking and flavourful paranthas. Be it aloo parantha, paneer parantha, gobi parantha or any other parantha of your choice; there are so many varieties of paranthas to order at any good Indian eatery. 

If you are looking for the best places to eat paranthas in Canada, here are our top picks: 

  1. Home Taste

Home Taste is an excellent option for pure vegetarians. If you are searching for a decent place that serves delectable ‘parantha near me,’ you need to head to Home Taste in Kitchener. They serve tasty stuffed paranthas, curries, snacks, drinks, and desserts. They make sure that all their dishes are 100% vegetarian with no hint of egg, meat, or fish. 

  1. A1 Sweets & Restaurant

Stuffed parantha with a great combo of paneer and aloo gobi is the specialty of A1 Sweets & Restaurant. Besides paranthas, they serve veg biryani, samosa chaat and other Punjabi dishes.

  1. Motimahal Restaurant

The food, including the scrumptious paranthas, offered here is served with tasty pickles and chutneys. Plus, you’ll love the ambience. 

  1. Govinda’s

It is another great vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers delicious paranthas with spicy chutneys and pickles. Besides, you can enjoy their thali combos loaded with dal, rice, roti, sabzi, salad, pakora and dessert. 

  1. Vij’s Restaurant

Established in 1994, Vij’s restaurant in Vancouver serves terrific Indian food that’s made using traditional Indian recipes. If you are looking for a heavy food option, you can order their stuffed paranthas with curd, chutneys and pickles. 

  1. Salam Bombay

Salam Bombay is another leading Indian restaurant in Vancouver. They believe in serving the best food to their guests. So, they prepare meals with fresh ingredients and spices. This place is famous for being visited by celebrities. Whether you are interested in having paranthas or tasty north Indian curries, this restaurant is the best option to satiate your taste buds. 

  1. Sula Indian Restaurant

Sula is an award-winning restaurant serving Indian food in Vancouver. This place is known for its delicious Indian delicacies. It is a great place to head to if you want to taste some scrumptious Indian paranthas, Indian curries, and tandoori bread. 

  1. East Is East

East is one interesting Indian restaurant in Vancouver. They serve unique Indian dishes, including tasty paranthas. Also, don’t miss out on ordering their popular tea that many patrons from near and far enjoy. 

  1. Guru

Guru is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Canada, known for perfectly balancing amazing food with warm service. You must try their stuffed paranthas if you’re coming for the first time. Every bite of a parantha will burst different flavors in your mouth, reminding you of authentic Indian spices. 

  1. Udupi Palace

It is an amazing restaurant in Toronto for vegetarians and vegans. But the good news is that they also serve hot and spicy paranthas for people who love these spicy stuffed flatbreads. 


Indian restaurants in Canada are popular for flavorsome food that’s usually available in India. Whether you’re searching for parantha nearby or somewhere in Kitchener-Waterloo, you can visit Home Taste and other restaurants mentioned in the list. 

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