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Tips To Use Hair Clips And Elastics Without Damaging The Hair

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We all love those pretty locks, don’t we? You need to take care of your tresses! To get that unimpaired hair, you need to be extra protective of the strands. It is all about your treating behaviour – even a simple ponytail can lead to split ends. 


Regular hairdos can lead to more damage to your hair which is beyond your imagination. If you are among them who think that regular hair knots can save your hair from styling damage, you are taking it wrong. This can actually give rise to split ends and you may suffer hair loss. 


If you really want sheeny and gorgeous hair, here are some important tips given offering you the ways to do an up-do without causing hair damage. 


Smooth Hair Works Best


If you do an up-do with the tangled hair, you are increasing the mess. The styling should always be done with the detangled hair. To remove the tangles, you need to comb your hair and again, prefer to use a wide-tooth comb. End with a silky finish by using a good conditioner. Smooth hair is always a necessity when you are doing any hairstyle or up-do. 


Go For Dry Hair Up-Do 


Wet hair is more prone to breakage, so do whatever you want, but let the hair dry first. Never make a ponytail or bun in wet hair, never! Tying your hair with an elastic band can lead to more breakage. Don’t make the mistake of putting any hairdo on wet hair. Let them air dry or use the blow dryer for fast drying. 


Hair Needs Hydration 


Moisturized hair has less risk of damage, even if you put it up in any hairstyle – ponytail or bun. Before you add an elastic band or mini claw clip, make sure that the hair is hydrated enough to reduce the risk of breakage. You can also spray some conditioner to get the perfect hasp and then give a tie to your hair up. 


Loosening Of Hairs 


Some of us keep on tying the tresses into a tight ponytail daily just to keep the hair assembled. This is the worst thing you are doing with your hair! Don’t make it so hard that it starts hurting. If you get that scalp-pulling feel, this clearly means that you are causing damage to your hair. Always follow the hairstyle that gives you a comfortable look.


Checking The Ends 


Getting a silky and healthy feel of hair is great, but the reality hits different. You might be not aware that the hair ends are in the hanging position. How does it feel to you? If you are going for a hair-do, say a bun, pay extra notice to the hair-ends. You can add some serum or oil treatment for preservation.


Creative Style 


Getting the same hairstyle daily is a boring concept! You need to get out of it and bring some creativity. It is completely fine that you love your signature hairstyle but it can lead to hair problems in the long run. Our hair, being pulled in the same position daily can lead to breakage with time. This is relatively true in the case of topknots. By putting all the weight on your circlet, the up hair-do can lead to more breakage and hair loss. Give a try to some low styles as well, like braids!


How To Protect The Damage? 


We all face tangled hair, especially in the morning. Detangling can be a painful process, but you have to do it before using the hair accessories perfectly. As hair accessories add more beauty to your hair, so if the hair is shiny, you will automatically get a graceful look. You can keep the hairs free from tangles by using the right products and tools. No more weeping brushing sessions and get smooth hair texture within no time!


  • Using a wide-tooth comb is the key here! You have already used brushes for styling, try them for detangling too. Whether you have thin or fine hair or thick hair, wide-tooth brushes are of great use to deal with the knots.


  • If your hair is more exposed to tangles, prefer to use a detangling conditioner. Its regular use can get you rid of those thick, frizzy, and tangled tresses. Using a hair scalp massager shampoo brush followed by a good conditioner can help you to get silky and smooth hair. 

  • Never use a comb or brush by pulling the hair from the root down. Pulling the tresses hardly can lead to split ends and hair loss. Hairs are delicate, so treat them with care when you are removing the tangles. 


  • By not completely relying on the products, and use your fingers to solve the knots. Make your fingers pass the hair slowly and save your hair from breakage or hair loss. 
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