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Things You Must Know Before Travelling to Canberra 2021

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Excited to go and visit Australia, particularly Canberra city? Although it can be easy to get carried away with the excitement of travelling to the land Down Under, from looking forward to seeing koalas and kangaroos and soaking up in the sun while swimming on pristine beaches, there are some things you need to know first before you go ahead and travel there. 

Sydney is still mistaken by many people as the capital of Australia. Canberra is the capital city of the land Down Under, and it’s located between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, within the ACT or Australian Capital Territory which is neighbouring New South Wales. 

The city is so beautiful and is conveniently snuggled close by to Australia’s tallest alpine mountains and the South East Coast of New South Wales, which only means that it’s the ideal place to stay if you want to explore the broader region. 

Why You Should Visit Canberra 

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First, you need to ask yourself “Why should I visit Canberra?” It’s not only worth visiting for the reason that it’s the national capital city and the headquarters of the Australian government, it is also the home of the great Australian story. It’s the place that belongs to the entire Australians; an innovative, diverse, and modern city that tells the stories of Australia. 

When you visit Canberra, it will provide you with the opportunity to learn the journey of Australia, and to understand where the nation is headed. 

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Update 

Face masks are still mandatory for domestic commercial travel in and out of the ACT, according to canberraairport.com. So, whether you’re flying from Canberra to Newcastle, you will still need to wear a face mask. You are only allowed to remove your face mask for identity purposes when going through security or when drinking and eating, or taking medications both in the airport terminal and throughout a flight. You may also remove your mask during an emergency and if they need to communicate effectively, for instance, with someone who has a hearing impairment. 

Under the direction, of course, there are exceptions including for infants and children below the age of 12, and people with disabilities or a particular medical condition that makes wearing a face mask improper.

Generally, face masks should be worn over the mouth and nose and must fit securely around your face to give protection against the virus and from infecting people. Wearing a scarf or bandana as a face mask if not allowed. 

Places to Stay in Canberra city skyline under blue sky during daytime

Canberra has plenty of accommodation options available for those who are looking for a budget stay or those who are willing to spend big. Near the Parliament House, you can find the suburb of Barton which has amazing hotels that tell history, has charm and cheap luxury. And you don’t need to go far away from all the amazing spots nestled around the hills because you have Manuka and Kingston which are happy grounds for entertainment, nightlife, and dining. 

If you are looking for newer boutique and luxury hotels, New Acton is home to the arty Hotel and the eccentric QT – both of which are near to the breweries and in the making restaurants in Braddon. If you’re hitting the road to the snow, Canberra is a good stop-off or base for those going to the wilderness of the alpine regions, or you may have fun with a wild city adventure rather at the special Jamal Wildlife Lodge where the regular creature comforts come with a cheetah or two. 

Things to Do in Canberra 

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Since Canberra is also referred to as the “bush capital”, you can expect to see an unlimited array of outdoor activities smoothly blend with culinary and cultural organizations that are exhibiting the city’s evolution. You can start your day in Canberra by joining in on the hobby of locals which is cycling with a pedal around the lake. After you’re done warming up your legs, you can pull up at one of the many cafes bordering the Kingston foreshore and pick up your morning coffee. And if you’re there on a Sunday, try grabbing several gifts from the Old Bus Depot Markets. 

If you’re the history junkie, you can spend your morning at the Australian War Memorial which is a must-visit! You will see the amazing depiction and inspiring tribute to the brave men and women who served Australia in battle. And in order to pay respects to other influential Australians, you can visit the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia and even come face to face with artistic legends.  

Craving for a more laidback outing? Head to the National Museum of Australia and Questacon if you want to experience a fun and interactive way to help your kids stay entertained as well as the inner child in you. We also suggest that you book a guided tour in advance if you want to hear about the history of Parliament house. 

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