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Things That Are Causing Back Pain

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Yusuf is a middle-aged man who works as a coolie. All he does is lift heavy burdens and displace the luggage. He does this all day long, from early in the morning till the last train arrives on the platform at the station. He has been doing this since a very early age and now, has spent almost twenty-five years doing this job. Carrying heavy loads was easier for him in his early days, but as he is turning old he feels it is becoming difficult for him to carry ant thing after a certain and also cannot either lift or carry heavy loads for a longer duration. His body aches all day, especially his back pain issue. 

This can happen to anyone since the story with Yusuf is different but the outcome: back pain, can happen to anyone irrespective of age, irrespective of the profession, and irrespective of what sort of activity one does. This can happen due to various reasons. Body pain and back pain always begin with a minor cause but later become chronic or even permanent issues. 

Causes of back pain 

There are many possible causes that can result in severe back pain. Mostly it is seen that back pain is caused due to physical reasons and factors related to our body. The common causes are:

  • Old age: one most common and the most prominently identified reason behind back pain is getting old and aged, with aging comes various physiological problems like brittle bones, lesser calcium in bones, bent bones, arthritis, etc.
  • Arthritis: one reason can also be having arthritis issue; arthritis is a bone strength and structure disorder that happened mostly after certain generally after the 30s or 40s.
  • Loss of Bone density: with old age, the bone density is lost, excessive working and too much physical activity in old age can increase the pain and make the bones more brittle and more prone to get broken.
  • Accidents: any accident that has hurt your back portion will have a long-term effect on the area, an impact on the hip bones will put a permanent strain even if not permanent then it would be chronic for sure keeping the person suffer from long term back pain.
  • Fractures that are very frequent: too frequent fractures and accidents especially in the lower back and the hip area will make the area and the hip bones weak and they would be hurting the whole day.
  • Operation and surgery in the hip region: any surgery in the hip region or any sort of operation done in the lower back will keep hurting for a long time even after years of the surgery.

Treatment of Back Pain 

One great and really effective medicine available for the treatment of back pain, both chronic as well as acute, is Tramadol Online.

Tramadol is a pain relief drug that is suggested to people who feel extreme pain in their bodies. The drug works on reducing the nerve impulses arriving at the area under pain. 


Tramadol is available at any general medical store; you just need to have a doctor’s prescription to get the drug. The drug can also be bought online mode at any medical online retail. 


Tramadol is safe for consumption by people of any age above 16 years of age. It can be taken with plain regular water; it must not be taken with any sort of beverage. The tablets must not be broken or crushed. Have a tablet of 50-100 mg as per the doctor’s advice. However, over dosage must be avoided. 

Note: – There is alternative for Tramadol, known as Tapentadol. The chemical composition and results are quietly similar of both medicines. You can order tapentadol 100mg, but required prescription from a professional doctor.

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