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Streetwear for Older Men: How to Wear The Style With Elegance

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People will tell you that style has no age group and you can always express yourself by wearing whatever you want to wear. Although this may sound sweet, that idea can only be a dream, because you will always be judged for it. Let’s be honest, we help it and so can’t you! 

People already have an opinion and say about how they perceive you with the clothing you have on and even categorize you in a specific status. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about what other people say about what you wear, then that’s great! You rock! However, if you care about how people see your style, then this article is for you. 

Do you want to wear streetwear in a more grown man way? Is this even possible? Yes! We’re here to help you with a guide, so keep on reading! 

1. Wear the Right Brands 

There are so many streetwear brands out there and it can be a bit tricky to choose the right one. A tip you can follow is to buy certain items that not everyone else can get their hands on. Look for a shop that almost has everything for hype and street-wear items. 

2. Luxe Up Your Fabrics 

Before streetwear clothing was something that you can fall off a skateboard while wearing, the reason why most were created in denim and heavy cotton, in fits that are non-constrictive. Now, modern streetwear aesthetics has gone beyond the skatepark and designers have redesigned time-honoured pieces such as cargo trousers, hoodies, trainers, into garments you wouldn’t want to risk on the ground. 

Nowadays, for the everyday wearer, this means you can upgrade utilitarian fabrics to something more premium. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a gentle hint of streetwear is through wearing a pair of high-end sweatpants. Opt for soft-handle materials like jersey and cashmere since they can be a substitute for a well-worn pair of chinos. 

3. Don’t Become a “Hypebeast” 

Photo by apetogentleman.com

Hype is actually everything for the youth culture. And since recognition is trendy, you must own the brands that your peers know about like Palace, Supreme, Gosha, and Yeezy. However, the exchange rate varies over time. Some may tell you that there is no age cut-off for streetwear, but when it comes to older men, they should definitely opt for what they like and what works great for them. 

The grown-up technique here is to wear streetwear labels that are innovative but don’t have a lot of teens queueing up outside their stores, you already know what we mean. Try to opt for streetwear outfits without the logos, or if there are logos, make sure they are tucked away as subtle details. A cool adult knows that grail finds isn’t about shouting where they’re from, instead, they are being asked. 

4. Your Shoes Make the Outfit 

When streetwear is the topic, your shoes can either make or break the outfit. Be careful when navigating this terrain because plenty of hypebeasts get crazy over every new drop, and if you try to keep up, you will need a lot of time and money to invest. 

So, instead of paying resale prizes for the latest Off-White collaboration or Yeezys, invest in trainers that will last a long time as your brogues by prioritizing premium materials and brands that are known for quality. Although ‘ugly’ trainers and chunky soles are becoming the trend today, it’s best that you avoid odd shapes or adornment if you want to make sure that your box-fresh kicks will look amazing with your suits as your joggers. 

5. No to Baggy, Yes to Loose 

Teenage guys don’t have problems stressing their silhouette to afford to browse the oversized rail. However, the loose styles of modern streetwear aren’t favourable for those who are entering the dadbod stage of life. Streetwear is also a lifestyle, it mirrors people from all walks of life. You want to make sure that you get it right for you. 

The best style for you is a silhouette that’s softer than the figure-hugging tailoring from several years ago but doesn’t turn you into a tent with legs. Streetwear brands today from high-end to the high street have jumped from slim fits to straight-leg shapes that provide more movement on a skateboard, plus, comfort is considered. 

6. Simple is the Best

The fastest way to achieve a successful streetwear outfit is to get the look straight off the shelf. Streetwear is where you can mix and match items from various brands and cultures that together resonate with your own allegiances and interests. Avoid going flashy and wearing head-to-toes the latest gear. This look is only appropriate for Instagram influencers, who are probably still young teenage boys! But this doesn’t mean that you can’t rock logo or statement pieces. What you can do is pair them with pieces that display a bit more creativity. 

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