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Some Nice Contribution to Improve Custom Display Packaging Boxes

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Indeed, the idea of Custom Display Packaging Boxes is not new. Over the years, these boxes are available on the market. The trend and market conditions have changed the theme, design, quality, and purpose to use. Finally, these boxes are most prime factor to improve product appearance and promotion for sure. There is nothing matching with these boxes and we have countless options to design them. 

In fact in the current world, especially in the 2022 reign, these boxes are widely used in superstores, markets, and bakeries on shelves. The products at promotions are wrapped inside and displayed in front of the counter. Some nice ideas to fix these boxes with products in the front window, so every onlooker will have a glimpse of the product so far. Similarly, these are some ideas people are practicing over the years. Maybe, we have all that we can do with this Custom Display Packaging. Moreover, still in the condition, we can customize these boxes and make them even more productive than ever. What do you think about the idea? Well, Packaging Forest has some nice contributions to add a lot to these display boxes.

Adding Big Font

This is our core in-house strategy. We are using big fonts to increase the level of promotion through the use of custom display boxes. Over the years, our company has practiced this concept to design different display boxes. Adding Big font is always a wow factor. We are using powerful fonts like Poppins, Georgia, and others. Likewise same, if you have any additional font requirements, we will use those fonts. 
We make fonts big and bold, in different colors. Mostly the colors are selected according to the base of custom display boxes. The light and dark combination is an ideal one. Over a decade we have researched this philosophy and proposed that the light and dark combination is an ideal one. No matter the design of the display boxes, we will contribute a lot using the big font strategy.

Finally, our font artists are well known and our printing machines are up to date indeed. Furthermore, You will find font colors are rich and bright. These font colors will stay bright over years. This is our quality commitment level and we will never disappoint you. Feel free to contact us anytime with your lovely font. If not, we will suggest to you some good fonts that will take every eye’s attention. This is one of the very nice contributions of Packaging Forest in the packaging industry. 

Big Brand Logo 

Contrary to the unique and big font, a large-sized logo is always a plus. The useful addition we first practiced for the bakery display boxes. The results were awesome and we keep it as a secret recipe. The big brand logo is not a small concept. You also have to keep the logo prominent, look beautiful, and align with the display packaging boxes. Otherwise, this will kill the idea. You also have to keep sure the logo portrays the product, not hide it all in all. The product itself, name, and logo are equally visible to the audience. 

For sure, our designers have experience in all this. Still, they will create 2- 3 mockups and test these display boxes with different angles. This prototyping and testing have empowered our company’s designs and we are leading the market. Furthermore, our company is a reliable brand name, specializes in crafting custom display boxes and packaging boxes indeed. We know well how to turn packaging into a brand element. 


We take responsibility to contribute something to our industry. Our team always taking challenges to craft elegant boxes. Find the company always successful in efforts and approaches. For clients, we have amazing deals and design options. We never charge much for the packaging and our design customizations are free for minimum order level. Designing and fabricating custom display boxes for different product promotions is our art. We have the industry’s top veterans available in-house at service. Feel free to call our team for assistance anytime. You will love the way we deal and work with clients. Your packaging is important for you and you are important for us. Let’s get connected and have a sales blast together!

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