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Kitchen Accessories for Feeding Kids With Special Needs

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Feeding difficulty is most common in kids with special needs. For these kids eating food is not as simple as you think. It can take a lot more time to learn or adopt a habit. You need to try different approaches to know what your kid likes and what’s best for him.

So keeping in mind your child’s needs, you need to design a food routine for them as suggested by a nutritionist. If kids don’t eat properly, it can lead to malnutrition. Having a nutrient deficiency can have a huge effect on a child’s growth. It can affect neurodevelopment, immune system, and whatnot. Not eating food can also affect the development of mouth and face muscles used for speech.

Getting food served in the same boring dish is not pleasing to kids. You need some accessories that are comfortable and attractive enough to appeal to children to eat. We have some suggestions for kitchen accessories that you can use for feeding your child.

Plates and Bowls

There are specially designed plates and bowls available in the market which you can use while feeding disabled kids. You can use plates with higher walls. These children’s plates have side grips for easier hold. You can also use plates with multiple partitions. This will keep food organized and is easy to eat. 

There are also colourful plates available. Colours attract kids and this will inspire them to eat. You can also add different coloured food in different parts of the plate to make it look attractive. 

You can also use specially designed bowls. These bowls have raised edges so that the liquid in them won’t spill easily. This cutlery is available in various colours and cartoon designs to make it attractive. There are also scoop dishes available in the market with suction cups that can stick to the table.


Some children find it difficult to use standard cutlery. There is a cutlery set available with contoured handles and bright colours. They have curved shaped handles that make them more comfortable to hold. Also, the concave part of the spoon is dipper for better scooping of food. 

You can use special shape cutters to cut vegetables and fruits in various shapes. To eat it there are various food picks with cartoon handles available in the market that will attract your kid to eat it. You can also use sporks – a combination of spoon and fork.

You need to take care that the size of the spoon matches the child’s mouth. These spoons and forks can make a huge difference in developing skills of self eating. 

Non Slip Mats

Non Slip Mats can be used under children’s plates, glasses, and bowls. They can also be used at various other places in your house like kitchen, study table, bathroom, etc. These non slip mats are available in various colour and shapes to attract children. You can place your plate or bowl above these mats to save it from sliding or slipping. 

These mats also come with antimicrobial treatment, which helps to protect kids from klebsiella, e-coli, fungal and mold growth. These mats can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher or with soap and hot water.


Try to have a quiet atmosphere while feeding the child. This means no television or mobile phones. These things can easily distract the child. Try creating a comfortable environment for the child. Keep calm and smile while feeding them. You should offer help and encouragement to prevent your child from getting angry or discouraged. 

Including these habits in daily routine can take some time but by trial and error method, you can learn what works for your kid and find accessories accordingly. We hope this article helps you in making your kid’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner more appealing.

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