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Is your Website Equipped For Voice Search?

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The renowned IT Development Company in Australia, JHK Infotech is home to complete Web Designing, Development and Maintenance services. Also, app development, e-commerce web development and digital marketing are some services counted under their strong suites. With their fully-equipped army of certified professionals and dedicated team managers, the company so far has given a lot of online businesses a direction to success and is working in progress to include many more success stories to their catalog. With its standalone nature and comprehensive designing, development, maintenance & marketing services, the company is the best bet in town when it comes to establishing your online business empire.

When a lead from Amazon said, “We wanted to remove friction for our customers, and the most natural means was a voice. It’s not merely a search engine with a bunch of results that says, ‘Choose One’ It tells you the answer.” It establishes the importance of voice search in today’s and the upcoming world, especially in eCommerce business. If you also run a budding online store then updating your eCommerce website design Melbourne with voice recognition is probably the best good idea. 

For those who don’t have enough idea about this concept then voice recognition is a device recognizing speech, converting it into text and then putting it up into a search engine and providing an audible response.  You may be thinking what’s so hype about it? If you believe that Google is king then the biggest search engine has already begun to develop algorithms just for voice searches. That means voice commands will have a big impact on search marketing as the web designing company in Australia also believes the same. 

Why are Voice Searches Getting More Popular?

The main objective of voice searches getting popular is that users prefer speed in and voice search gives them with minimal effort. We all can speak much faster than we can type. And we all can also listen much faster as compared to read so voice search is like the need of the hour. It also helps people make their hands free for basic searches and helps them multi-task in every form. Now, think how much it can be beneficial it can be for your business in incorporating voice search in your online business. Your customer gets to search for products on your website just by their voice, so all you need is the eCommerce website design Melbourne.

Five Useful Tips for Voice Search Optimization

  1. Use of Conversational Language: While integrating voice search you need to comprehend the fact that people speak and type differently. Voice searches are usually longer and more conversational. Well, that’s why psychiatrists are charging you. Jokes apart! Using conversational and simple language in meta titles and descriptions can help you match the voice searches. 

  2. Targeting Long-Tail Keywords: Long-Tailed Keywords is another useful trick in the books. As Aforesaid, voice searches are long and conversational. 

  3. Optimize yourself Locally: Consider yourself and think how many times you use voice search for nearby things? The same is with your users so investing in local SEO to strengthen your brand presence locally is probably a good idea. 

  4. Mobile-Friendly: Mobile Friendly equals voice friendly. If you do not know then Google has special tools that test your site’s mobile-friendliness. So, add responsiveness by hiring a  web designing company in Australia

  5. Data Optimisation: Data Optimisation is probably the most crucial aspect as the structure of your site makes you more voice search-friendly. For instance, adding a FAQ section to your site makes it easier for the best search engine to pull content and display it as rich snippets. 


These are a few reasons why your website needs to be equipped with voice search. Voice search is already a new normal and with time we will witness more and more voice searches all around. We hope you will find this information useful. 

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