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Information About Hand Padangusthasana

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Today we will try to give you detailed information about Hasta Padangusthasana. It is not only an asana but also medicine to cure many diseases. With regular practice of this asana, we can get rid of many problems.


What is Hasta Padangusthasana? 

Maharishi Patanjali has talked about Ashtanga Yoga in the Yoga Sutras. The formula of 8 limbs has been given, whereas in Hatha Yoga the method of attaining samadhi is given through 7 limbs. Information about all of them is given below.

There are Shashtakaram, Asana, Mudra, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dhyana and Samadhi. Shashtkaram purifies the body. Removes toxins. Asanas make the body flexible, strong, and healthy. Stability in postures and balance in all systems is achieved.

In Pratihara, regulation of the senses and non-attachment of objects, pranayama can help the body and life force and self-power is awakened. By meditation, one attains self-realization and the spiritual state of being awakened towards the formless soul or samadhi.

Hasta Padangusthasana is very effective in achieving these conditions, which helps make the body and mind healthy by providing balanced stability and flexibility.

It is more beneficial to do Hasta Padangusthasana in the open air in the morning at a slow pace. Take care of health and well-being during this time. The simple rule is that when we stretch the right, we breathe in and when it compresses the body, we exhale.

For yoga, a thick cloth, carpet or sheet can be spread on the ground. So that your energy is not drained into the ground, if you do not lay a thick, dark sheet on the ground, then it becomes irritating to you.

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Method of doing Hand Padangusthasana –

Standing straight, lift the left leg and place it on the thigh of the right leg and hold the toe with the right hand.

Keep the left hand on the cut. With the thumb of the hand towards the back and the fingers towards the stomach, keeping the weight of the body on the right leg, straighten the left leg in front.

The hand holding the leg should also be straight. After doing it with one leg, practice this asana with the other leg.


Benefits of Hasta Padangusthasana –

It cures diseases of the hands and feet and helps in straightening the crookedness of the feet, which is a good exercise for those who have to shiver. It makes the body flexible and purifies the reed bone.

Strengthens the muscles by removing the stiffness of the throat, shoulders, thighs, and arms. Reduces waist fat. Neck and shoulder joint pains are removed by this asana. Makes all the organs beautiful and powerful.

There is relief in the pain from the buttocks to the soles. The activity of the spleen, spinal and kidney, the kidney also increases. It is very useful in increasing the height of children. The nervous system activates the nervous system.


Time to do Hasta Padangusthasana –

The best time to do Hasta Padangusthasana is in the morning. You can practice this asana very easily in the morning. If you practice your asana in the morning, then you get a lot of benefits from it.


Caution should be taken while doing Hasta Padangusthasana –

This asana is prohibited for pregnant women. If there is pain or pain anywhere while doing the asana, then the practice of this asana should be stopped immediately. Do this asana with ease and with complete pleasure.

This asana should not be practiced at all in fever or illness, those who have just started practicing must take the guidance of a skilled instructor. Health is the basis of the life of the body. So do yoga, be healthy and be happy.

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