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Ideas On Business Cards That Make A Difference

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Business cards are the primary thing that other businesspersons notice. This gives the first impression about your work and the company as well. You meet people and leave a card, they will contact you if you portray the best facilities on that small card.

The best business card design agency provides you with the best design for you considering these below-mentioned techniques:

  1. Brand awareness

Often, people who know MS Word, PowerPoint, or Photoshop try to make a business card design. But there will be a lack of efficiency and creativity. You need a knowledgeable graphic designer. Use a good company name to create a strong impression of your business. Prepare a catchy tag line and link along with the title. The texts should represent the company’s work. Discuss with your graphic designer what you want.

  1. Use creative approach

Don’t get afraid of approaching with Jew ideas. If you have something creative to showcase, share the idea. It might be your original idea or inspired from somewhere else. But make a bold decision. If your idea doesn’t work, rework it but don’t give up. Make sure your ideas go with the business purpose and relate with it. Use the framing and layout options creatively and choose a paper type that goes with your business.

  1. Use of image

Using images on business cards looks very attractive. That image should be relatable to the business topic or else the customer may get confused. Make sure your image doesn’t overshadow the texts rather support them and be interlinked. Also, find the best fit of the image in the card which should look the best and where eyes go first. Additionally, you can use the backside of the card also to add more or big images. Another idea is to collage images if you have a lot to show. Add texts in between them wisely so it doesn’t look clumsy. Select such images which will not miss information if cropped while needed.

  1. Use self-portrait

To be more recognizable you can add your self-portrait on the card. It can be a sketch image also. People will remember you more whether they know you or not. It adds on a face value also. Place the portrait considering other pictures’ and texts’ placements and sizes. You can use Adobe programs to prepare the sketch.

  1. Use of icons

Besides images and logos, using icons is a great idea of creativity. You can increase the value of your words by adding icons suitable for those. Along with the contact number and social media handles you can add their icons of phone and Facebook, Instagram, email etc. Beside them. Another icon can showcase the products of your business. Using these icons can connect to customers’ emotions, drags more attention, and add on versatility. Leave blank spaces between the icons to let people notice those.

  1. Combination of icons and images

As graphic design is one-dimensional work, it cannot show the depths of the designs you’re showing. But when you use images as background support and icons on it. It gives another dimension and looks way better. This gives a brand recognition that this is unique about your company. Use the same icons anywhere else, on posters, social media posts, banners etc.

  1. Font selection

The font is another catchy item in graphic designing. According to the purpose of your company, your font style should be selected. Also, don’t make it too clumsy so that it looks messy or less understood by viewers. If you are a company owner you should keep a simple font but if you are an artist then you can use cursive fonts. And choose the right place and size for your card texts which goes well with that font you’ve used. Another idea is to print your handwritten name which creates a new font style and looks elegant and don’t let others not to forget your brand.

  1. Use of layouts both horizontal and vertical

Usually, people use only horizontal layouts in business cards. They don’t think beyond this differently. As a result, it becomes similar to others. Try to separate your ideas from others. Use both horizontal and vertical font slanting in the card. Differentiate words from more important to less important and place them in different positions. Corners and angles are also a good place to add additional information.

  1. Choice of colours

Adding different colours to different information is not a good idea. It may confuse the viewers. Pick simple colours which suit the background and use it in maximum words.  Also, you can use sparkling colours like golden or silver to advertise any opportunity. Dark background denotes a serious business offering while light colours are usually used in creative fields. Mixing colours and using shading in icons, fonts are great to stand out from other business cards.


The best business card design agency looks after these factors to be followed perfectly. If you consider these points you can have more customers to deal with.


Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Best Website Designing Company, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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