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How to Connect Canon MG2922 to Wi-Fi?

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As smart phones, tablets, computers, printers and other electronic and internet governed devices become progressively more embedded in our lives. The dependence on the internet is increasing heavily. All of our day to day activities and work is reliable to internet. Though, with the advancement in every aspect of our working lives, all our data and documents exist in the form of softcopies. The written copies are used and required in all corporate setup and therefore a printer comes through as a necessity. Canon MG2922 Wi-Fi setup is not as complicated as it may sound. You can directly connect your computer or your mobile to the printer and scan the documents or images. Canon printers are known to be as a most reliable printer brand in the market due to its high speed and quality printing. It makes printing very easy from any device to which it is connected. Installing Canon MG2922 is a bit tricky. Make sure that your printer is placed near the router for better connectivity. Let’s take a look at the steps for how to connect Canon MG2922 to Wi-Fi.

If your installing your printer for the first time. Connect the power cord and the plug to the socket. Install the ink cartridges and then switch on the printer. The printer comes with a screen. Now, you can search for connecting the printer through a wireless network.

Steps to connect Canon MG2922 to Wi-Fi:

  • Go to settings and then press, “Network settings”.
  • Select ‘Wireless setup Wizard’ after this the printer will start finding networks.
  • Chose your Wi-Fi network name and enter your password.
  • Your printer is now connected to Wi-Fi.

Alternative method of connecting Canon MG2922 to Wi-Fi:

  • On the modem, press the WPS button for a few seconds.
  • Your printer will automatically find the network and get connected to it.
  • If the network is password protected. Press the WPS button till the light is stable and enter your password.

Wireless connections are a great and very useful advancement in technological and internet devices. It saves you the hassle of cable connections and wires. Since it does not require wire connection from one device to another, you can simply add your printer to your computer and your phone and run the command feasibly.  Let’s take a look at the steps for Canon MG2922 wireless setup.

Steps to connect printer to your computer wirelessly:

  • Turn on your computer
  • There must be a Wi-Fi button on your printer. Press and hold it for few seconds.
  • Once you see the amber lights flashing, press the WPS button on your router.
  • Wait until the light is steady. This would confirm the successful connection to the Wi-Fi network.
  • There must be a CD in the package when you purchased the printer. Load the CD in to your computer.
  • There might be chance that you did not receive the CD or misplaced it. In that case, download the printer driver directly from official Canon website.
  • Set the connection method to Access point connection, click next.
  • There is a guided process on screen, follow the instructions carefully until the Installation process is complete.
  • Start aligning the print head and then click on Next.

Your setup is now complete. Print a test page to check. If somehow the test page does not print or there is some issue in printing. There is nothing you need to worry about. You can resolve most of the issue through common troubleshooting ways without the help of technician or a tech savvy.

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