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How Short Video Form of Content is the Future of Mobile Learning?

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One thing that is acceptable is that the attention span towards a particular piece of content is decreasing at an exponential rate. At present, there is an attention span decreased to almost 8 seconds.

No doubt in saying that learning or consuming effective information through a mobile app is increasing at a rapid rate. Be it like eLearning app, social learning app, or any other medium, attention spans matter a lot to reach a target set of audience.

In a survey conducted, it has been revealed that 80% of the learners find microlearning apps to be effective. They find learning through an app full of fun, engaging, and interesting.

Thus, it is a matter of great importance to effectively provide the relevant learning information on short videos.

So, here you will get to know the way of using short video app and different ways of providing optimum support to learners.

How to Use Microlearning in Mobile App?

First of all, understand the key advantages of delivering short video content on a learning app.

* Use effective information and avoiding overload.
* Ensure relevant details stick to one particular topic or problem.
* Let learners choose their own pace, place, and speed of acquiring relevant information.

The very concept of short video content app is evident from a human cognition theory as well. It is believed a person’s ability to receive information in small chunks is more than an individual acquiring a large quantity of details. It is much preferable to offer step-by-step information in short video format to enrich learning and quality of information.

Difference Ways Short Video Content on App Enhances Learning

* Offer Optimum Level of Performance: Short content available on micro-learning apps allow learners to easily access information, learn from small tips & tricks and small video formats. This type of learning ensures a great deal of knowledge in less time and further enhance the performance of individuals.

* Easy to Review: Easy to access learning content in a short video format is easy to digest and review by several learners. They tend to information more effectively and to the point and acquire the relevant details in the shortest possible time.

* Bridge the Knowledge Gap: Referring to more and more short learning videos belong to a particular subject helps to bridge the knowledge gap. Mobile learners will grab more information from different yet small videos that appear in mind for a long duration of time.

* Interesting Learning Concept: Microlearning apps are always interactive, entertaining, and generate an upscale level of interest. Such apps offer the information in an intuitive manner and thus enhance knowledge fast to an optimum value of extent.


Microlearning has become a new trendsetter in the field of mobile app learning. Mobile app users prefer to receive efficient information in a small chunk of ideas to learn fast and for a long duration of time. If you have a learning app, then do refer to the above strategies of enriching learning and generating more and more learners’ interest. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning from short video app and enrich the level of knowledge.

Author’s Bio:
Nathan is a pioneer writer and expert in his field of mobile app learning writing. He writes well for microlearning apps, offering a range of information on social, technology, fitness tips, and more.

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