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Growing Strawberries in Coco Coir: Transforming Your Farming by Shifting to Advanced Growing Systems

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Coconut coir also known as coco coir medium that was first introduced in the Nineteenth Century, but it was not till the end of the Twentieth Century a handful of people came to know its true potential. Now, after a long time, people especially hydroponic growers use it as a sustainable growing medium.

Studies showed that strawberries grow much better in coco coir substrates than traditional media, which is why the why growing strawberries in coco coir is increasing and the demand for coir substrates if getting higher and higher. It has already become the number one option for growing strawberries. In this article, we will tell you why you should choose it or the benefits of using it. Read on!

Hydroponic strawberry farming is growing these days for various reasons, and one of the reasons is – growing strawberries in coco coir substrates is easy and effective. Now, growers can transform their strawberry farms by shifting to the advanced, soilless strawberry growing systems, that is using coconut coir substrates, like coir bricks, chips etc. Using coconut coir substrates, you will be able to attain better yields, using contemporary, yet cost-effective harvesting techniques.

Advanced Your Strawberry Farming

Easy transition your strawberry cultivation from the soil to coir substrates, not only helping your experience better yields but also help you learn modern harvesting techniques. Actually, growing strawberries in coco coir is easy for a several reasons, such as:

  • Coir substrate reduces soil pathogen.
  • It helps making room for beneficial bacteria.
  • Coir substrates retain water excellently.
  • It ensures good aeration.

Growing strawberries in coconut coir substrates need less watering, which is no doubt good for busy gardeners. Apart from that the product has a nice drainage capacity which helps eliminating the issue of water-logging. Thus, it allows your strawberry plants to have the best growth without any hindrance.

This type of plants needs a considerable amount of O2 in the root zones, due to the reason, the soilless medium used to grow strawberries must provide good aeration. Fortunately, coconut coir is anti-fungal as well as bacteria-resistant, so no harmful fungi creates problem in the growing medium.

Last, but not the least for sure, growing strawberries in coco coir is good because it has high lignin, which is nothing but an organic compound that hugely encourages the development of beneficial bacteria. As an outcome, it reduces the spread of harmful ones in your growing medium.

Let’s expert guide you to get the best quality substrates for growing strawberries in coco coir. It goes without saying that hydroponic strawberries are making a great impression. It is the taste of future, where you grow without soil, using RIOCOCO coconut coir grow plank that could be used to grow strawberries in the buckets or containers sans using high quality, biodegradable, non-toxic hydroponic grow bags that come with plastic wrapping.

If you are a hydroponic strawberry growers and have used RIOCOCO coconut coir grow plank then you must know how it is, and also have observed your plants distributed roots evenly, happened faster root development and got healthier plants. RIOCOCO 200 grow plank results with higher number of blooms as well as yield. Using this coir product, you will have delicious supply of fresh strawberries all year round.

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