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Grow Extraordinary Crops Using Coir Substrate in Hydroponic Production

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It goes without saying that coir substrate is becoming commonly used in hydroponic systems. There are a few reasons why a great number of producers are interested in organic coco coir products for producing food crops hydroponically, but they all centre on the sustainability.

There is a biggest reason behind it – why organic coir substrate is increasing in popularity is because to disposal options are nearly all organic coconut coir products are able to be composted.

Coco coir aka coconut coir is the fibrous pith in the coconut husk. A co-product of the coconut production industry, when extracted from the husk, the coconut coir is further processed into different sizes from chips to blocks, to larger chunks to finer ground material. Although, grow bags or slabs are comprised of different combinations of these types of materials.

On the other hand, slabs comprised of all ground coconut coir have the highest water-holding capacity, but the least air space. One thing you should keep in mind. When you choose coir substrate for your hydroponic, you should choose the best company that produces different types of substrates for different types of crops, for example substrates for eggplants and tomatoes.

Why Choose RIOCOCO?

RIOCOCO starter block, R101, R102 and R103, grow bags, and green starter bags are 100% organic propagation media, helps to propagate your crops grow faster and produce healthy other plants. You can also use CBOP 2346 Plug have excellent water holding capacity and equal distribution of water throughout the block or bag ensures optimum management of the air as well as water balance.

RIOCOCO grow bags, green starter bags or blocks of any kind are 100% natural coir medium helps to absorb and distribute the nutrient and fertilizer solutions. The best thing is – the Starter Blocks are made with 100 percent super washed coir natural material, compressed to square shape block rapped with a biodegradable cellulose paper. Below are the things that you can get when you use RIOCOCO coir substrate

  • RIOCOCO coconut coir products are excellent medium for seed propagation
  • They are fast and healthy for root development
  • It would help you get easy and fast transplant
  • The substrates are 100% organic, non-toxic, reusable and biodegradable

If you are planning to grow hydroponic eggplants or tomatoes, RIOCOCO coir grow bags would be the best option. It is seen that conventional and organic hydroponic growers, who use RIOCOCO coir substrates to grow vegetables, for example eggplants have observed their plants distributed evenly roots, faster root growth and healthier stems that they could not find using other coconut coir products in the market.

To Sum It Up

Using RIOCOCO coir products, such as, blocks or grow bags or starter bags not only ensures higher number of blooms but also helps increase in the crop production. The next best thing is – when you use RIOCOCO rest assured you have chosen the best coir substrates in the market. The chosen raw materials are blended by the company and compressed to make slabs for the needed size to grow a variety of crops. The slabs you choose are packed in UV-stabilized co-extruded bags, though custom options are also available.

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