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Freefly Alta X- The best drone for aerial videography

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Drone videography has been one of the most significant innovations for the filmmaking industry in the last decade. Not only the filmmaking industry but the explosion in drones, has also been seen in a large number of industries and organizations from journalism, television, military, government, commercial, to recreational users. It provides a unique and engaging way to capture stunning aerial video footage with high-quality cameras that can deliver notable benefits for your campaigns.

As drone technology advances, people from the filmmaking and television industries are getting more attracted to adopting this technology. Recently, the FreeFly company has announced the arrival of its new, advanced, and feature-rich drone- ALTA X, designed for demanding cinematographic, professional, and industrial applications. 

In this article, we will learn more about the features and benefits of the Freefly Alta X drone. Read below to find out all the important details of this drone.

Alta X Potential

The Alta X is a high-end drone designed from the ground up to carry the line of the MOVI gimbals and create professional shots from the sky. A huge drone from every perspective, the new quadcopter from the FreeFly weighs around 10.4kg and has the capacity to carry another 15.9 kg of weight. The Alta X has a foldable design and showcases excellent performance with the in-built four motors where each one of them is capable of producing Continuous Power Output of 100A max. Such power is needed to lift this heavy-duty cinema camera connected to a gimbal with the lens attached to the camera. 

As described by FreeFly, the world’s toughest drone, it has a high speed of 137kmph. This is the reason why it is considered a valuable asset in many action movies.

Coming to the durability of the drone, it has batteries with 44.4V voltage- enough to fly the drone for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the weight you put on it.You can fly the Alta X for about 20 minutes which is termed as its average flying time, but when equipped with maximum payload, the time comes down to 10 minutes. The flight can also range up to 40 minutes when you mount smaller or lighter payload packages.

Another thing that makes this drone popular among the range of cinematography drones is its preparation time. This huge drone takes only 2 minutes to get prepared as compared to the 10 minutes taken by other huge drones in its segment. One of the best things is that, with just the push of a finger, this drone can be unfolded to its original size. Also, the folding linkages assure the booms get hardened in order to ensure low vibration and precise flight characteristics.


The Freefly Alta X is not a toy to play with. It has a great price that starts from $15,995 (only for the drone chassis) and can range up to $25,000, minus the camera and the lens. It has some great specs, which can be seen, the way the manufacturers have paid attention to this drone. 

FreeFly is one of the greatest drone-making companies in the market. The company achieved this huge honor by constantly making game-changing, high-quality drones for various industries.  The fact that it has already been used for so many movies within a short span speaks for itself. For those who want to buy this advanced drone and learn how to operate this, FreeFly offers a couple of dedicated programs to train them from basic to advanced. Visit their website now to buy one for you. 

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