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Find Custom Rubiks cube as an effective visual marketing medium

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Over the years, the Rubik’s Cube or the Magic Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle that has skyrocketed to popularity several times and is still a favorite game, irrespective of age and gender. Nowadays, many companies utilize it as a perfect promotional product to attract potential customers 

This fascinating fun puzzle of Custom Rubiks cubefunctions as a visible medium to market the brand identity of the company through the message printed on the cube and can be ordered from All Day Promo, the USA-based Sourcing and Supplier Company. 

How Well Does All Day Promo’s Rubik’s Cube Increase the Brand Identity?

The USA-based sourcing and supplier company of All Day Promo launched in 2011 is the one-stop-shop for an assorted range of factory direct printed promotional products, swag, and advertising incentive items. The fun-based interactive promotional item of Rubik’s puzzle cubes helps to promote the brands for different companies through its embedded logos and artwork.

Amongst the distinct industries catered by such visual marketing products are the branding and advertising organizations, financial and constructional establishments, entertainment and sports enterprises, and many more. Such Rubik’s cubes are available in distinct sizes, shapes, and designs, such as 2-in-1 magnetic puzzle cubes, diamond-shaped cubes, 9-panel 6 sided puzzle cubes, and pyramid triangle cubes, amongst others. 

Such fun puzzle cubes are made with eco-friendly ABS technology and function with a durable internal mechanism for hassle-free gyration while playing. This unique design and inner magnets allow it to click back together while playing with several twists and turns.

The clients can easily customize their brand displays through logos, graphics, artwork, photos, and different brand names. Such personalization can be made on all six sides of the cube with nine-square tiles on each side. The clients are required to pay a one-time set-up fee for the entire cube. 

How All Day Promo Proves Its Worth With The Customized Range Of Products?

Coming with a long-term industry presence, and operating with eco-friendly domestic and international product lines, All Day Promo acts as the one-stop solution for factory direct custom printed promotional products, along with swag and marketing items. With this international presence, they dedicatedly offer user-friendly customer service for continuously tracking the ever-evolving industry trends, linking the gaps in the business, and bringing in the largest selection of 5-star industry rating products at the lowest available pricing.

What Distinct Advertising Advantages are provided By the Rubik’s Cube?

Act as a User-friendly Promotional Tool 

Over the years, the Rubik’s Cube has been utilized as a brand leveraging tool that helps to bring in strong brand identity for the business concerns. It helps in depicting the underlying business message for the clients, in addition to improving the focus and memory power. Besides, it offers an easy-to-understand message for the customers through its creative and problem-solving attributes. Most of the renowned business concerns like, Siemens and MasterCard used it to offer increased visibility to their brand, and optimize the advertising campaigns. Thus, it proves as a highly functional gift for the clients of the company.

Final Verdict

Cognizing the distinct premiums presented by the Custom Rubiks cube from All Day Promo, it should be befittingly ordered to rightfully optimize the advertisements, thus significantly promoting their brand value. Thus, it acts as a highly functional and powerful tool for connecting to a diverse base of customers globally. 

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