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Factors That Cause Public Speaking Anxiety

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In a study conducted by Dr. Laurie Rozakis, author of Idiots Guide to Public Speaking the results showed that a lot of people are afraid to address a crowd. This is the top anxiety among Americans, “-and the number 6 is fear of death,” according to Dr. Rozakis.

Even the most skilled speaker is nervous when they speak in public. But this anxiety can be managed so that you can use your fears to use  boat startup story . This article explains the reasons why people feel nervous when speaking before a crowd and how to overcome your fears.


People fear being rejected from their audience. This is why many are scared of speaking in public due to fear of being judged by the audience for how they look or give their speech. In reality, audiences are extremely accepting of the speaker’s issue with stage anxiety. It is more difficult to be nervous when your fear of being in front of an crowd increases.

Here are some suggestions that will help you overcome your fears of speaking to the public.

Choose a topic you enjoy and know about. The more confident you are with your chosen subject as well as the more confident you will be when it comes to addressing your audience.

• Concentrate on your topic. Keep your attention on the area of interest and not focus on yourself. When you begin to think about your topic rather than yourself the fear of speaking will probably reduce.

You can say to your self: “I am the BOSS.” Be confident that you are able to deliver your message. Being in control decreases your anxiety and improves your confidence dealing with the challenge.

Do not think of your audience as an enemy. Make sure you bridge the gap between yourself and your audience. Be sure to analyze your audience carefully in order to establish an understanding. It is important to consider the gender, age and degree of knowledge. Be sure to consider your audience’s age, gender and level of expertise.


You have two options to triumph over the anxiety about failing.

Imagine yourself becoming successful. If you believe that you’ll stutter the presence of a lot of people likely to stumble. However, if you imagine you speaking clearly then you’ll.

• Face your fears. You can’t overpower your fear unless you acknowledge that you’re afraid of it.


> Write your speech well. Spend time writing your speech. Reread it and revise it should you need to. If you’re confident in what you say, then the less anxious you’ll be of making public appearances.

• Practice and seek suggestions to improve your speaking. Invite a family member or friend to be your audience. After you’ve spoken about your talk, you can ask their opinion. Do not be afraid to inquire the comments they make. Their comments can provide insights into what’s working or not regarding your presentation.


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