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Different Type OF VOIP Phone Services

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Most businesses know that making calls using VoIP is cheaper and more feature-rich than the old landline systems. However, you may not understand VoIP service options, let alone determine the right one for your needs. So read on to find out more.

What is VOIP Phone Services?

The VoIP telephone system provides voice services by sending communications as packets of data over the Internet. This review introduces and explains the different VoIP technology types and why businesses may need to understand the differences.

In contrast to traditional telephone lines, VoIP phone calls are made over the Internet, where voice signals are transmitted digitally. Some VoIP solutions are PC-to-PC only, while others allow you to call any phone number – local, long-distance, cellular, or international – via a PC, a dedicated VoIP phone, or a traditional phone with a VoIP-Call adapter.

Best VOIP Services in 2021

  • 3CX

in the 3CX phone system, the VoIP software is integrated into the other services. It will improve the customer service and make it very comfortable for the business to manage their marketing activity.

3CX also provides 24/7 support for users who have technical problems or questions about their services.

Even though 3CX offers the most affordable rates on the market, users still have access to basic phone features. Control / Permission gives you control over who uses the service to make and receive calls, and the call recording feature allows companies to record calls for training or administrative purposes.


  • 8*8

The 8*8 service also provides users access to a consistent user interface that enables Unified Communications. Account-holders can use controls/permissions to customize their systems to provide or restrict access to certain VoIP features.

For companies with large call centers, 8*8 provides call recording, which can record incoming and outgoing calls and view the recordings at any time in the future.  This feature saves time and helps users become more organized for their customers.


  • Air Call

 The interactive voice response feature allows the user to interact with the system via their voice or telephone keypad and ensures that calls are routed to the correct location. Aircall also provides 24/7 support for users who need technical assistance.

To increase security, Aircall uses the latest encryption methods to prevent unauthorized users from accessing messages.

  • Call hippo

Custom pricing is also available for corporate customers who need personalized integration or advanced reporting. The Bronze plan includes a toll-free number, call forwarding, voicemail, SMS, and access to team features.

  • Cloud Talk

The standard plan includes unlimited incoming calls, click to call functionality, mobile app usage, and complete call waiting. The expert package includes speed dialing, integration with Salesforce CRM, call monitoring, text-to-speech, and a dedicated account manager.

CloudTalk is designed to help businesses manage large call volumes. Hence, it has several essential telephone functions, including call forwarding, access/permission control, call recording, and interactive voice response. This service uses integrated VoIP access to be integrated into the old telephone system if needed. CloudTalk also uses encryption to protect users from unauthorized access to corporate resources.

  • AT&T

Call routing and contact management allow employees to work anywhere with an internet connection, from the customer’s office to the back of a taxi. This VoIP service is cloud-based, so there is no need to buy expensive hardware or time to install

Users have access to various basic telephone features, including unified communications, interactive voice response, SIP trunking, and encryption for increased security and efficiency.

  • Avaya

Avaya offers a variety of feature-rich cloud-based telephone system packages.

However, if you have more than 20 users, you will need to upgrade to one of the premium plans. When you choose one of these packages, you get additional features such as unlimited Internet fax, endless audio conferencing, hot desks, and more.

  • Loop Communications

Loop Communications offers VoIP service for $ 17 per month without a long term contract. One of this service’s main features is location flexibility, which allows users to route other areas. You can slow set the system to connect the calls to more locations. It also enables

users to create custom routing plans to ensure markets get to the right places in the shortest possible time.

Another essential feature of the VoIP Loop service is unlimited local and long-distance calls, making it easier to manage the company’s telecommunications costs. Users have 24/7 access to essential telephone support and features, including call forwarding and call recording. All Loop Communication accounts have – automatic answering, call restriction, call forwarding, call screening, outside call forwarding, do not disturb, and other business-class features. It can help your organization improve call management without spending more time on the phone.

  • Dial Pad

Dialpad offers two plans for small and medium-sized businesses: the Standard plan ($ 15 per month) and the Pro plan ($ 25 per month). For corporate users with 100 or more users, the company creates custom service packages that include service level agreements and 24/7 support. The standard package includes unlimited calls and unlimited text messages, voicemail transcription, personalized voicemail greetings, and call control.

Companies offer different types of support depending on the plan chosen. All customers have access to Dialpad’s knowledge base, community forums, multilingual web support, and multilingual chat support.

The dial pad provides various essential telephone functions, including call forwarding, call recording, and interactive voice response.

  • Fresh Caller

Freshcaller offers various features that companies can use to create a global communication system and use them to manage calls effectively. For customers who wish to save their existing phone number, Freshcaller allows you to transfer the number to a service, eliminating the need to print new business cards or notifying customers to change contact information. Freshcaller also will enable users to purchase local or international telephone numbers.

Freshcaller offers many basic telephone features when it comes to calling handling, including call recording, contact management, interactive voice response, and integrated communication. Users can also set a shared schedule or create custom rules for vacation routes, making it easier to customize the system based on each company’s work schedule.

  • Intermedia Unite

The Unite plan offers unlimited text messaging in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada, 2 GB of user memory, video conferencing with up to 200 participants, and four network participants. The more costly Unite Pro plan includes everything in the core plan. Still, customers get 100 GB of user storage, video conferencing with up to 30 network participants, and integration with Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Both packages provide various essential telephone services, including call forwarding, access control/permission, call recording, contact management, and business text messaging.

Each account also includes call analysis, autoresponders, Active Directory integration, and protection from spam callers. Intermedia Unite also has several add-ons such as B. Fax, toll-free numbers, extension phone numbers, and toll-free numbers.


Understanding these different VoIP services can help companies determine which system best suits their needs. For example, SIP trunks are more attractive to those who wish to install and manage their technology while incorporating VoIP benefits.

On the other hand, managed IP exchanges are the right choice for those who don’t have enough resources to buy and operate their VoIP system. A hosted IP solution allows companies to choose the right hardware and software for them. It frees them from the costs and administrative issues associated with maintaining voice and data lines and related partnerships.

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