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Buying A Commercial Property With A Loan

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Your business is a testament to your hard work and dedication. Why not bring more prosperity to it by purchasing commercial property? Whether you want to move into a bigger shop or want to renovate the existing one, a commercial property loan can be just the thing you need.

What Is A Commercial Property Loan?

Such a loan is taken to purchase commercial property or renovate a commercial property. It is different from a home loan because it is only meant for those properties which are non-residential. It can be an office space, a shop or a retail outlet. It can also be a restaurant or a shopping complex.

Reasons Why People Get This Loan

  1. To Expand The Business

For business owners, expansion of their business often requires more capital and more space. A bigger office or a bigger shop lets one expand a business with ease. To do so, you may require to purchase a commercial property and that is where a loan of this type can come to your rescue.

With such a loan, you can purchase a bigger commercial property so that you and your staff can boost productivity and revenues.

  1. Do Renovation Work

If your business has been running for a considerable time, it can be time to renovate the space. Whether it is new things you need to furnish the office space or expand the area and bring in more rooms, a commercial property loan can help you meet your needs.

With renovating you can ensure that your business is modern and ready to meet the requirements of your customers.

  1. Take In More Work

Such a loan can also effectively help you take in more work than now. For example, for a person who runs a service centre business, a better workspace will allow him to take in more work from corporate companies. This will help his business grow in myriad ways.

What To Know About Loan For Purchase Of Commercial Property

There are a few things you must know about this type of loan.

  • Eligibility: Understanding whether you are eligible for such a loan is crucial. If you are a business owner with a firm of your own, then you can take such a loan from a bank or a financial institution. If you are a lawyer or a chartered accountant or a doctor, you are eligible for this loan.
  • Interest Rate: It is crucial to understand what kind of interest rate you can expect when you take such a loan. Each lender will have a different one and it is best to check before applying.
  • High Credit Score: This loan, and any type of loan you want to avail yourself in India, will have lenders check your credit score, i.e. CIBIL. That is why it needs to be as high as possible. To endure that, you can pay your credit card payments and EMIs on time. Your credit score can be affected this way.

Loan Against Commercial property

If you have a commercial property in your name, then it is possible to take a loan against it from a reputed lender. This is something you should know about. Such a loan falls under the secured loan category, which means that the lender will give you a loan based on the value of the commercial property you own.

You can use the loan amount for any purpose you deem fit, but of course, you have to make sure to repay it on time.

Features Of Loan For Commercial Property

  • Such a loan can be used for a wide variety of commercial purposes. You can buy a clinic or a shop to expand your professional career.
  • You can get an attractive rate of interest for such a loan which makes paying the EMIs easier.
  • The documentation required for such a loan is usually easy and stress-free.


If you are looking for housing or a commercial loan for property to meet your life goals, then Hero Housing Finance Ltd. is your best choice. They are the premier loan provider to different sectors in India and they can be trusted for making the application process easy and comfortable.

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