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Boost productivity and save time with driver hiring improvement process

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In these modern times, thanks to the latest On-Lift and On-Load automation systems for trailers, the manual load-bearing functions of the drivers can be mitigated significantly. Hence, the overall safety and of the truck drivers can be augmented with such high-end technologies, unlike old times, while negating their excessive work pressures. Such ultra-modern automation reduces manually caused driving errors, thereby inducing lesser road mishaps.

Therefore, to improve driver hiring improvement methods, such automatic loading and unloading systems should be implemented from authentic companies such as Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems helping to improve the driver’s efficiency, along with increased cost-effectiveness.

How Automation of Trailers helps to improve the Driver Hiring Process?

Ease of Maneuverability

Hitherto truck automation technologies, organising shipments in trucks was an insanely exhausting assignment, specifically for the trailer drivers who were more than fifty years of age.  However, with pneumatic landing gear and rear stabilizer automated options, drivers can conveniently manage their trucks just making contact with their fingers without exerting any intensive manual labour. Following such innovative automation, the truck driving companies can engage trailer drivers, notwithstanding the age or gender factors, and even can consider individual drivers with slight disablements.

Besides, such mechanised user-friendly system needs no formal training for the drivers to operate them. This unique pneumatic automated gear helps any driver to conveniently lift 60,000 lbs in just 10 seconds. Hence, even the female and fifty plus truck drivers can control their loading and unloading functionalities efficiently and securely, paving the way for more trailer drivers to join the driving occupation.

Increased Satisfaction of Driving Occupation

This fully automatic pneumatic landing gear benefits the trailer drivers of staying active throughout their day’s driving schedules, with virtually no maintenance functions. They can even venture for some extra money by engaging into additional driving assignments. Therefore, such supplementary incentives offer them necessary impetus to engage in more driving ventures, and keep them professionally gratified, while boosting their productivity. Hence, such occupational contentment from the drivers is much needed for any truck driving recruiting company to employ, encourage, and support the existing and new entrants in this occupation.

Reduce Accidents and Driver Shortage


With the advent of such unique truck automation technology, the involvement of manual load bearing functionalities can be considerably mitigated. Besides, such automation also assists the truck driving companies reducing the need for providing insurance and accident liability to the drivers. Again reduced human involvement in trailer shipment procedures will aid in causing lesser road mishaps earlier done through manual cargo handling methods.

Moreover, such automated loading and unloading system can mitigate the issues arising from shortages of drivers; as such fully mechanised truck operations can perform with significantly higher productivity in shorter timeframe and with the least manpower.

Supports Uniform Deployment of Drivers


Similar to other professional cultures, nowadays even in the trailer driving occupation, truck driving companies are supporting the concept of equal employment opportunity. Herein, these agencies recruit truck drivers irrespective of their gender or age, or with slight physical inabilities, which is constantly opening up new ventures of these drivers, especially the women drivers.

Hours-Of-Service Gratifies Driver

Through continuous technological evolvement in trailer driving profession, the physical methods of lifting and loading has completely changed into an automated one, wherein the working hours has also been reduced. Besides, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA has stipulated the HOS (hours-of-service) regulations, specifying that the truck drivers can only function up to 11 hours in a day with return to driving only after 10 hours of sufficient rest. Hence, trailer drivers can perform better and effectively gaining the vital boost up with such work hours benefit.

Health Safety Profession

The modern day trailer drivers can work much more comfortably and efficiently with the exclusive automatic pneumatic On-Lift landing and On-Load stabilizer, negating the usages of manual labour. These systems significantly reduce the backaches, muscular strains, and abrasions that might have emerged due to the manual shipment operations earlier practised in such trailer driving occupation.  Therefore, with effective personal safety, truck drivers can gain stimulus to work proficiently.

Final Verdict

Hence, such automation and associated benefits, the truck driving companies can regulate the process of driver hiring improvement by uplifting the tempo of the trailer drivers keeping them active throughout their occupational endeavours.

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