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Best Shopify Themes for Every Industry in 2021

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best Shopify themes to create a great-looking conversion-friendly Shopify store setup experts that will increase your sales.

If you are looking for a fully functional e-commerce site off the ground quickly, Shopify is one of the best tools that provides you some of the best free custom Shopify themes. Shopify is easy to work with and flexible enough to handle a wide range of niches.

There are several themes you can use to customize your Shopify site. Shopify holds its own as compared to other popular e-commerce platforms.


Let’s have a look over the Top Shopify Themes for 2020!


Minimal Styles supported- vintage, Fashion & Music.

Minimal is a free Shopify theme that offers a beautiful design for your preferred online shop and you can easily give a trendy look & feel to your online store.

Being a responsive theme, minimal works of all devices. If you are looking to present your products and services in different ways then minimal provides you good flexibility too.

As for the primary features, it provides you a beautiful slideshow that supports large images of your best products. This slideshow goes on your homepage and improves your conversions and gives people a solid introduction to your products.


It also provides you some great product filtering on the product pages so that users can easily choose whether they want to see a certain category or like to visit your best sellers directly.

Through Minimal services, you can customize with several layout options, product views, collections, typography choices, & even navigation styles.

Top Features of Minimal Theme:

1. Free theme for small inventory

2. Product-focused design

3. Mobile-friendly design

4. Homepage video

5. Image slider

6. Product filter

7. Three styling options

8. Product image zoom effect

9. Officially supported by Shopify


If you are designing an online apparel store then Brooklyn design and features offered are tailor-made for a modern apparel business that is going online with its range of products.

Brooklyn provides you standard features such as typography, mobile-friendly and responsive design, and a product grid that is dynamic in nature.


There are more peculiar features specifically suited for an apparel store include an edge-to-edge homepage hero and size availability at a glance on the product pages.

Top Features of Brooklyn Theme:

1. Designed for apparel stores

2. Two styles

3. Dynamic grid for displaying products

4. Slide-out cart feature

5. Mobile-first responsive design

5. Social media icons

6. Customizable home page sections

7. Full-screen home page slideshow


Venture style supports Boxing, outdoors & Snowboards.

It offers a modern and bold look and feels for online stores. It is suitable for multiple products across several categories on an e-commerce store. It is also used for selling sports goods and products online.

Its customization also offers colors & fonts. It will provide you a design layout that looks best on any device including an attractive homepage slideshow.

Top Features of Venture Theme:

1. Three styles for different niches

2. Promotional banner on the home page

3. Typography options

4. Full-screen slideshow

5. Supports large product catalogs

6. Product filtering by type, price, etc.

7. Minimalist design

8. Multi-column drop-down product menus


As its name implies Simple style supports light & beauty.

It provides your online store a simple & elegant look. It is one of the best choices if you want to have a no-fuss website theme that keeps everything simple.


The simple theme user interface is clean and easily customizable that allows you to showcase sub-categories for products that have tags.

It provides you a sleek animation & also mobile-friendly so that it will look good on any screen from large computer screens to small mobile device screens.

Top Features of Simple Theme:

1. Minimalist design

2. Two styles

3. Product image zoom feature

4. Related products section

5. Simple sidebar navigation

6. Mobile-first design

7. Animations for product images

The Narrative theme has multiple styles & different colors.

It is best suitable for small companies and startups, it is good for selling one or two products. It has the Hero video feature that auto-play functions including the full-screen button view.

It is best for visual storytelling where you can customize anything from block quotes to images and lead your customers through the story of your brand. Fixed navigation generates a better browsing experience for your user.

Top Features of Narrative Theme:

1. Three styles

2. Wide layout version

3. Designed for smaller stores

4. Fixed navigation functionality

5. Fully customizable product pages

6. Full-width home page slideshow

7. Free stock photos

8. Featured home page product video


Above are the best Shopify themes, do let us know which one is your favorite? Now that’s a wrap-up on some of the best Shopify themes to create a great-looking conversion-friendly Shopify store setup experts that will increase your sales.

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