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Benefits And Disadvantages Of Tile Adhesive Vs Sand-Cement Mix

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Sand cement makes out of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and sand. OPC is utilized for rendering and stonework while sand is ordinarily streamed sand, which is difficult to control grain size, neatness, and quality. 


Bother to work with 


.OPC comes in the type of little packs and sand should be purchased in enormous amounts, which widely possesses capacity regions. OPC and sand should be moved to one more region for blending and the cycle is grimy and dusty. Tiles should be absorbed water for no less than one day prior to being laid with sand-cement, and this is tedious.  Find more about Tile Adhesive Click Here!


Tedious and failure 


To lay tiles with sand-cement customary way is to apply the combination of sand-cement in a bump on tiles’ back so it must be finished with each tile in turn. 


Stylish and de-holding issue 


Without added substance to help to hold water, a combination of sand-cement dries quick and afterward makes the trouble change the tiles subsequent to being laid. This prompts a tasteful issue of the line of tiles and furthermore helpless holding strength, which will be the explanation of de-fortified tiles later. Laying tiles conventional way by applying sand-cement combination in protuberance at tiles’ back will make voids under the tiles and water can leak through. This makes the white stain issue. Also, tile will be delicate at the space with no adhesive under it. 


Restriction of utilization 


Helpless holding strength of sand-cement combination causes by soil in the sand and unsure extent of the blend. Moreover, there are restrictions to utilize the combination for laying the following tiles in the accompanying conditions. 


  • Low permeable tiles 
  • Granito with 60 x 60 cm or more noteworthy size 
  • Glass mosaics – On cleaned substrates 
  • On existing tiles 
  • On substrates were subject to development 
  • On the spaces with high strain and effect 


Material wastage 


A thick layer of the sand-cement blend should be utilized to lay tile customarily in irregularity and additionally to change the floor level, to acquire its holding component. There will then, at that point, be more loads onto the structure. Additionally, there will be material wastage since the blend dries quicker than the application. 


Prepared To Use Tile Adhesive 


Tile adhesive is prepared blended and uniquely planned from OPC, chose fine sand, and added substances to work on its fundamental properties for laying tiles. Superior tile adhesive can be utilized to lay tiles on existing tiles, on finished cement, on wooden substrates (with the utilization of preliminary), or on other unique substrates. 


Simple to utilize 


It’s exceptionally simple to utilize tile adhesive, it will be now prepared to use after blending in with water. Packing item makes it helpful for transportation measures, giving low residue and clean working space. Tiles are not should have been splashed, simply unbox them and lay. 



Scored scoop is ordinarily and productively used to apply the combination of tile adhesive on the space of around 1 m2. Tiles are then consistently laid onto indented adhesive and immediately changed into the lines. 


Working quality 


0ptimum setting season of tile adhesive permits tiles to be handily changed inside a specific timeframe. It makes tiles being laid in line and gives the stylish last look. Applying tile adhesive with scored scoop gives full spread on back of tiles and will lessen numerous issues like broken tiles esp. on the corner, water leaking, and stain or efflorescent. Full contact of the adhesive on tiles’ back and substrate gives solid holding strength and dependable tiling work. 


Assortment of work 


Tile adhesives are planned by explicit applications, for example, to lay tiles, glass mosaics, enormous size Granito (up from 60 x 60 cm), to lay tiles on cleaned substrates, on drywall framework, on existing tiles without eliminating them, on outer regions, stopping regions, mechanical regions, in pools, and some more. 


Efficient reasons 


Laying tiles by utilizing tile adhesive with scored scoop requires less measure of material. The adhesive layer is significantly more slender than the combination of sand-cement, and this prompts a lighter burden to build the structure. A sack of 20 kg tile adhesive can be utilized to lay tiles on the normal space of 4 – 5 m2. A sack of 25 kg tile adhesive can be utilized to lay tiles on the normal of 6 – 7 m2. 




  • Quick and proficient 
  • Simple to utilize, just blend in with water 
  • Better holding strength 
  • Can be grouted inside 24 hours without trusting that the dampness will vanish 
  • Relevant on existing tiles, numerous exceptional substrates like cleaned cement, dry wall framework, and so on 
  • More slender layer 




  • Tedious 
  • Tiles should be doused 
  • Dampness can be collected underneath tiles 
  • Tiles are effectively de-reinforced 
  • Not relevant to disappear permeable tiles like 60 x 60 cm rock or any bigger sizes 
  • Not appropriate to lay tiles on existing tiles, and on cleaned cement 

Not material to lay glass mosaics.   Visit Wuensch Plaster Factory For Cement Wall Plastering Machine and other construction materials in  Saudi Arabia

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