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Avoiding Cyber Stalkers In Video Chat Rooms.

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What is cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is the use of the internet through electronic means to stock an individual group or any organisation that may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel.

Cyberstalking can also take various forms but it is this talking or harassment that can take place via online channels such as social media, online group chat, cam to cam chat rooms, emails etc. It is typically planned and sustained over some time. Cases related to cyberstalking can often start a seemingly harmless interaction but sometimes at the beginning few unpleasant messages may also seem to amuse you. In case that becomes systematic then it can be annoying and even frightening. Cyberstalkers may terrorize the victims by sending them unpleasant messages systematically even several times a day. The present messages especially come from different accounts managed by the same person. In this case, reporting about both the website and the owner is a very good idea to prevent any further damage.

What are cyber stalkers?

Cyberstalkers are the one who is behind cyberstalking. Most cyberstalkers are familiar with their victims. Frequent messages from friends or colleagues, even distracting and sometimes annoying, are welcomed by most people. Is monitored by or receiving intrusive messages from an unfamiliar person or any casual acquaintance to be considered as cyberstalking for it may have motives that include Revenge, anger, control or lust.

A huge number of cyberstalking cases occurs when someone attempting to receive the attention of a former or would-be partner. Most people may see this kind of behaviour as acceptable and even romantic but if the communication is unwanted then it should be considered harassment. One thing is to remember that cyberstalking isn’t always conducted by individuals; it might also involve a group of people and they could be targeting an individual or a group or any organisation related for various reasons including opposite beliefs, revenge or on matters regarding financial gain.


How to avoid cyberstalking from cyberstalkers in video chat rooms?

It is always a preventive measure to react when it comes to cyberstalking. Becoming a victim can be prevented in online group chat or cam to cam chat rooms by following simple measures that are given below:

  • Maintaining a low profile – keeping a low profile on online platforms is tough for some people particularly those who need to use online platforms for self-promotion increase of business-related activities. But it can be beneficial if you tone down your things a little on social platforms. Always avoid posting personal details such as your address and phone number and always think well before revealing any real-time information such as your identity or who you are with.

If you plan on maintaining your real name and photo when being very careful before accepting any request and messages. In case it is not a friend, relative or colleague, do some background checks before moving forward. On some social media platforms, it is almost impossible to ignore revealing personal information and connecting with people whom you don’t know. In these cases always stick with reputable sites and make sure you do some background research before revealing your personal information on meeting someone in person.

  • Keeping your software updated – keeping your software up to date might not be the first thing that could bring up to your mind when you think about preventing cyberstalking. However, updating software regularly is crucial when it comes to the prevention of cyber information leaks. These updates are developed to patch the security vulnerabilities by ensuring your information remains safe.
  • Hiding your IP address – many apps and services reveals your IP address to the person with whom you are communicating. The IP address information might not seem important but it is directly related to your data, for example, your IP address is linked to the internet billing that is sent to your home and which you may pay with your credit card. Hence cyberstalkers can use it to find your credit card details and address. So, hiding the IP address is very important.
  • You should avoid disclosing sensitive information – many people share personal information about themselves on social media or while they are in video chats or online group chats. By filling questionnaires and submitting applications for coupons you are increasing the rate of cyberstalking by giving the cyberstalker more accessible information.

In case you are cyberstalked.

  1. Block the person immediately and do not hesitate to apply all measures that are permitted by the law especially those offered by Web services.
  2. If anyone is harassing or threatening you on social media platforms you should immediately block that person and report their behaviour to the platform involved.
  3. Do not hesitate to call the police if you believe their behaviour is illegal and if you think your safety is being threatened.

By keeping in mind these simple measures you can easily avoid cyberstalking in video chats as well as any other social platforms.

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