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Applications and Benefits of Carbon Steel SAW Pipes

What is SAW Pipes? Submerged Arc Weld Pipes shortly SAW Pipes. the term is used to refer to large diameter welded pipes. SAW pipes mean...

Overview on Types of Stainless Steel Flanges

What are Flanges? The flange is an instrument that falls under the category of pipe fittings. Flanges resemble a ring with a bore in the...

Application and Benefits of SA179 Boiler Tubes

What is Boiler Tubes? The Boilers are large enclosed vessels that are used to generate steam by using heat. The boilers are of two types...

Applications and Benefits Carbon Steel Forged Fittings

What is Carbon Steel The alloy Carbon Steel is comprised of 2.1% carbon which is a major quantity of carbon in any alloy. The carbon...

Features of Stainless Steel Wire Rods

Stainless Steel Wire Rods A wire rod is a final product rolled from billets in a wire rod mill in a steel plant. Cold-drawn stainless...

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