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A Women’s Sports Skort Perfect For All Sports

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As we look back through history, the first version of skorts was known and worn primarily by sports players in the 1930s. Initially, skorts for women never looked like the ones Serena Williams now wears to win Grand Slams. Instead, wide-leg pants were worn underneath a skirt, covered by a layered front panel. It took Wimbledon 1931 to change its course for women’s sports fashion-and it did so forever. It changed the course of women’s sports fashion history-and it did so with skorts. In 1931, at Wimbledon, Spanish tennis player Lili Alvarez arrived on the court wearing what seemed to be culottes wrapped with a layer of cloth to give the appearance of a skirt. It was much more comfortable, Lili explained, since she could spread her legs. Although it seems to be a skirt, it made a ruckus.” The skort’s accessibility was made possible by bicycling and its appropriateness by dancing, but it wasn’t until tennis that a woman could wear the garment in the open.


A skort is a skirt-shorts hybrid that you may wear as a single piece. Indeed, skorts are a pair of shorts with a front fabric panel. These bottoms were designed specifically for women to allow for active movement. It’s always been about functionality, practicality, and comfort without sacrificing a skirt’s appearance. Skorts, like tennis skirts and cycle shorts, have become mainstays of athleisure and even going-out attire. The shorts-skirt combination, on the other hand, has taken more than a century to acquire acceptability.


A skort is far more athletic than a skirt. While some skirts are made specifically for tennis or swimming, the skort is a more versatile option for running, walking, tennis, biking, golfing, or any other type of physical activity. If you’re running on trails or lifting weights at the gym and want to preserve your modesty, that extra cloth may make you feel more at ease.  Skorts also provide a new dimension to your training attire.  They look great with everything from sports bras to lightweight T-shirts.


So how is our product different from others?

It’s stretchy, it wicks moisture, it’s cute, it has pockets, and it works for literally every summertime activity. They can be worn on miles-long bike rides, shopping dates with friends, dinners with the family, and most recently, all day.


Moreover, our activewear is made from recycled plastics and other waste using ECONYL yarn, our LITE fabric is made up of 83% recycled nylon and 17% spandex. You can always contribute a bit to the environment by opting for sustainable activewear which is also budget-friendly along with environmentally friendly. If this doesn’t demonstrate its adaptability, I don’t know what does. While skorts are currently in style, some people still regard them as a compromise between comfort and femininity. Furthermore, the inclusion of concealed shorts considerably minimizes our worry about a strong summer wind blowing through.


These elegant tennis skorts are perfect for any athletic activity and can also be worn to a casual gathering, leaving you feeling ready and motivated to turn back the clock.


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