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A City Where Nothing Beats the Taste of Cutting Chai

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From the rural areas to the suburbs to the posh town, every district every locality speaks to us. It has a brand appeal and has an emotional appeal. Mumbai is not a predictable city; it is a city that is in our hearts. It speaks to us, helps us grow stronger, and shows us discipline and time. This city has made one aware that time is more precious than life here. As a local infamous saying goes – “If you have survived in a city like Mumbai, you can survive almost anywhere in the world.” And that being said, it stands correct. Let’s venture into the city that never sleeps.

Direction and Location

Formerly known as Bombay City, now known as Mumbai City, it is the capital of the Maharashtra state. The financial and commercial centers are located in the town side near the Arabian seaport. Since this is located near the western ghats and lies in the coastal region, this makes the city very dense and populous. From temples to churches to mosques to synagogues every religion is practiced, preached, and promoted. There are also Mumbai escorts that are there and are very well hidden to the public eye. Mumbai is a city that was named after a goddess named “Mumba Devi”.


The city has 4 seasons. But throughout the year it is warm and humid. Cool and breezy weather is from December to February and Hot weather is from March to May. The pleasant monsoons that are brought by the winds of the southwest regions bring rain from June to September and the post-monsoon showers rains are from October to November. Once the rains have subsided, the overall weather becomes humid as the excess moisture locks in.

City Layout

A city so densely populated, yet people choose despite their means is both shocking and dedicating. This goes to say that despite the odds, one would want to live in a city like Mumbai. The layout –

  1. Town side – From Bandra to VT(Victoria Terminus) is considered as the town. In these regions, you would see a mix of skyscrapers, the view of the ocean, beaches and seas, the sea belt, and what’s more divine is that during the British rule, you will see the gothic style of architecture in these areas and even short Portugal houses. From the regions of Malabar hill to Colaba city, one can have a rush of adrenaline in visiting these places. It is also called as SoBo or South Bombay
  2. Suburbs–From Borivali to Andheri Estates count as suburbs, these are the lines covered by the BMC. There is also a western line and a central line that also has access to New Bombay and other places like Byculla etc.
  3. Village side – Mostly these areas are known but are not acknowledged as a part of Mumbai. For example – Virar and Vasai Gaon.

Overall Mumbai City is a funny and indulging place. You can even find Mumbai call girls here in Mumbai. Where people all around the country and the globe come to settle and fulfil their dreams, where strangers are connected and legends are born.

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