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6 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Stalker

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Being stalked can be a frightening or terrifying experience. It’s the result of repeated and unwelcome behavior, such as harassment, attention, or any other type of conduct directed towards an individual that could make a rational person be scared.

It can involve unwanted communications via email, phone, or email, receiving unwanted gifts, being monitored by family members and friends, being contacted by friends and family members contacted. It can also mean being the victim of gossip and threats, and so much more. So, how do you defend yourself?

Here are the six Tips for protecting yourself from Stalkers:

1. Someone Follows You or Shows Up Unannounced

If you are seeing the same person in all places and tend to meet people in public spaces like your neighborhood or workplace, it could be someone you’ve met. Even if you live close proximity It could be a coincidence that results in occasional encounters. Strangers may be stalking you when they appear to be frequent. It is also important to notify authorities when you see people coming into your workplace, home, or other public spaces without announcing.

2. Constant contact or repeated calls

Your cell phone could be receiving lots of calls from numbers that are not yours, or those you do not communicate with. This could be a sign of risk. What is the threshold for too many? If you receive a lot of texts, phone calls, or emails daily and you refuse to stop, it’s possible that authorities are watching you.

3. Don’t leave your mobile phone unattended:

This is crucial for people who live with someone who they suspect of following them. The spyware software permits people to download it quickly onto their mobile phones. It allows them access to your text messages and emails, as well as listen to conversations on the phone and also access your passwords.

Also, you should make sure that your passcode is hard to guess to secure your mobile.

4. Be aware of the amount of information is available online

Check to see if your accounts on social media are made private. Make sure your profiles are private and do not share sensitive information. The ability of stalkers is to utilize the personal information you have provided on your profile to track your contact information, make calls to close family and friends, or build a relationship that could make you feel less than.

5. Talk to your family and trusted friends about your concerns.

Let your loved ones know if you suspect you are being followed by a stalker. These people can not only help you remain safe but they could also be there to inform authorities where to look if you were ever hurt. A stalker would rather you be alone in a fight with him than isolate you.

6. Do not travel or stay alone whenever possible.

You can ask a friend for assistance when you visit the shop or go on shopping. You could also seek help from a trusted friend when you enjoy being active and outdoors. Make a change in your routine and get rid of your routine of travel to get rid of the stalker. If you’re uncomfortable at the house, think about sharing your home with a trusted family member or friend.

Hire a Professional to Conduct a Background Check:

If you are looking to find out more about someone’s background, get a professional or a private detective agency to conduct a background check. Determine if the individual has an arrest record, a criminal background, bankruptcy, etc. Additionally, you can look up known addresses, associate persons’ contact numbers, and much more.


If you think there is something off It is the right time to make the necessary changes to ensure that your security is top of the list. Contact professionals for help i.e private investigators or you can seek out the most reliable Detective agency in Chandigarh and make the necessary changes to achieve a positive outcome.

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