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5 Remedies to Silence your Snoring Worries

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Tired of hearing complaints about it and wondering how to quit snoring? Want to find out a way to control the problem if not get rid of it completely? Take a look at some of the following home remedies that have been known to provide respite from snoring.

Lie down on the Side

Lying down on your back when sleeping can narrow the airways in your nose and throat, causing you to snore louder. Lie down on your side to provide more room for air to flow into your nose and throat. This can reduce your snoring to a great extent. If needed, elevate the head a bit to see if it stops you from snoring.

Get Proper Sleep

An exhausted body seldom listens to you. Lack of proper sleep can exhaust your body. Furthermore, it can cause the muscles in your tongue and throat to relax when sleeping, thus making you snore loudly. Ensure to get at least 6 hours of sleep every day to avoid this.

Inhale Steam

If you are wondering how to quit snoring while sleeping, consider inhaling some steam before going to bed. Inhaling steam allows the airways to open up, thus allowing more air to enter the airways while sleeping. This, in turn, will allow you to sleep peacefully without snoring.

Drink Lots of Water

You tend to snore louder when your body is dehydrated. Drinking a few glasses of water before going to bed will hydrate the muscles in the throat, allowing you to breathe freely while sleeping. This way, you can avoid snoring loudly when sleeping.

Do Exercises to Relax Muscles

Studies have shown that doing certain exercises to strengthen the throat and tongue muscles can reduce snoring. Place the tip of the tongue just behind the top of the teeth. Slide the tongue back and forth for a minute or so.

Do this at certain intervals throughout the day to strengthen the tongue muscles. The best way to strengthen the throat muscles is to sing out loud at regular intervals throughout the day. Do these exercises regularly and you will get immense relief from snoring (and so will others around you).

Reduce Eating Inflammatory Food

Certain foods can inflame the throat muscles, causing you to snore louder while sleeping. If your snores have become too loud to handle and prompt others to offer you tips on how to quit snoring, consider taking a look at what you eat before sleeping. Certain foods you need to stay away from before bedtime include gluten and dairy products. Cut down on these foods and notice the difference in a few days itself.

Try to Lose Weight

Obesity has been known to worsen snoring due to the excess layers of fat accumulated around the neck. If you find yourself snoring a lot lately, take heed of your weight and try losing a few kilos. If you notice your snoring reduces after losing weight, couple it with the other remedies to alleviate your snoring troubles.

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