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10 Tips To Improve Nutrition Intake And Ensure Good Health

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When we talk about a healthy diet, then it is recommended to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grain food, low dairy products. All these food items contain essential vitamins, proteins, carbs, and various other important nutrients which are required by our body. To stay fit and healthy, it is important to make informed food choices and developing healthy food eating habits.  

By doing regular exercise and eating nutritious food, you can ensure good immunity and good strength. Ultimately, your body will have the power to fight against the diseases. Approximately, 35% of the population is suffering from the problem of obesity or being overweight. Obesity is a health problem that can trigger various other problems. Obesity can become the reason for heart stroke, coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, etc.  If you are suffering from an overweight problem and looking for different ways to get rid of it, then start eating healthy food and do regular exercise.

You should set small and realistic goals so that you can achieve your objectives. It is important to start working in the right direction. By setting achievable goals, you can obtain long-lasting change. Some of the best ways to improve your nutrition intake are described below:

Keep Track Of Daily Calorie Intake

First of all, you should determine how many calories are required for your body according to your age, gender, and activity level. After that, you should set your personal weight goals whether you want to gain, lose or maintain an ideal weight. You should determine the calorie intake and nutrient needs of your body. If you want to lose weight, then it is imperative to know what is your safe calorie goals. It is imperative to keep track of your daily calorie intake. If you want to lose weight, consult your health care provider for a safe calorie goal and eating plan. We recommend you consult a dietician so that you can get to know the safe calorie intake for you and get a tailored dieting plan. By taking nutrition counselling from a reputed nutritionist, you can keep a check on your healthy food intake.

Enjoy Your Food

You should pay attention to your food while eating. It is imperative to avoid distraction during mealtime because mindful eating is very important for good health. When you eat quickly and do not pay attention to what you are eating then it is known as mindless eating. Usually, mindless eating leads to the consumption of excessive calories.

Control Portion Size Of Food

You should eat the right portion of food to prevent yourself from overeating. “Portion distortion” can lead to negative results on your health. You should know how much and what kind of food to include in your daily diet. We recommend you check the protein level, vitamins, fibres, and other nutrient levels in the food you eat.

Eat Right

When it comes to eating, you should always make the right choice. Eating healthy does not mean eating tasteless. You can prepare delicious food by using healthy fruits and vegetables. We recommend you check out delicious recipes by using healthy stuff. Also, it is recommended to avoid eating oily food and junk items.

Half Plate For Fruits And Vegetables

It is recommended that you should dedicate half of your plate to fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain important minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals. All these food items contain little amount of fat and no cholesterol. These fruits and vegetables also contain fibres that help in improving digestion and reducing constipation.

Prefer Whole Grain Food

You should try to eat whole grains because food made of whole grains is a big source of energy and fibre. Make it your habit to read the label of the packaging so that you can make the right choice. 

Choose Lean Protein

You should choose lean sources of protein so that you can get the necessary nutrients for the good health of your body. You can get protein from plants such as soy products, nuts, seeds, etc., and animal sources such as eggs, dairy products, seafood, meat, etc.

Keep Check On Sodium Intake

The biggest source of sodium in our diet is salt. It is recommended that you should keep a check on the salt intake. You should cut down the excessive consumption of salt because it leaves a bad impact on health. You should avoid eating packaged products because they contain an excessive amount of salt. 

Drink Plenty of Water

You should drink water to keep your body hydrated. But, you should avoid drinking sweetened and caffeinated beverages because they can make your body more dehydrated. Thus, you should grab only plain water, coconut water, lemonade, and healthy fruit juices.

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